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Split Second for PC Review

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Split Second for PC Review

Posted in : game, gaming, video game on by : Tech Review Man

Split Second for pc

The graphics are really nice. Fire looks brilliant. Car skin looks like fresh real paint. All of the cars are beautiful and fast. From the street to the tops of buildings, the city looks amazing and real. This is a pretty game. I mean it in the sense of it looks great and is built to fit today’s computer world. This is in every sense, a Racing Video Game. Menu area is a pretty cool new looking format. They went all out on this racing game.

On the down side, this was a game that was created for a console. Clearly. You have limited control mapping. You have limited  Resolution adjustments and tons of current gen console “motion blur”. On the upside, for this high end of resolution, it is very light weight on your hardware. I never once felt lag or lack of response with my 3 gig tri core AMD, Nvidia 250 and 4 gigs of ddr2 pc6400 memory.

I did sense this game looks and feels a lot like Need For Speed Most Wanted with better textures and slight engine add on mod. Added gun thingy and some sort of change to the slow motion . Drafting is there like in Need For Speed Carbon and Undercover. I love all three of those games and wish there was more to them, so this is perfect.

I will be wasting many hours completing this game, even though I have no idea what the story is. Is there a story?

I finished first race hit escape. Totally lost my win. Re-started game and had to enter my user name again. Had to do most of my video settings. Screen resolution stayed but not video quality. Had to enter all of that again.

Not much to the steering. Can’t explain much but will say, you can smash them buttons, you aint turning any sharper.

Textures- 10



entertainment- 8