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Super Hero Symbols for Fire Alarm

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Super Hero Symbols for Fire Alarm

Posted in : autocad, design, fire alarm on by : TruXter

As a fire alarm designer who has pretty much simplified fire alarm design, I’ve decided to make a handful of super hero symbols that resemble fire alarm symbols for autocad.
Understand that I can’t really use all of their symbols, and I can’t really figure out how to make them all relate.
So I stuck with the basic symbols.
Pull station = The Flashish looking
Smoke Detector = Supermanish looking
Waterflow = Wonder Womanish looking
Strobe = Captain America-ish looking
Horn Strobe = Green Lanternish looking
Duct Detector = Dare Devilish  looking
Smoke/Heat Combo – Dead Poolish
Tamper SWitch – Thor Hammerish looking
……And a few more

Right click and save 1600kb.

Of course the symbols do not look exactly like the actual character’s logos. That would just be weird. It’s kind of nice having them resemble the real deal.

Feel free to use these when messing around. These are not to be sold because… Well you know. Neither of us is Marvel or DC.
These autocad block for fire alarm design are also not NFPA  170 (and likely ahj) approved symbols. These do not  come with any guarantee of passing plans review at all. They do come with guarantee that I doubt they will pass but I won’t bet on that.
They are however in  their own blocks and can be dropped right in your autocad template for messing around.
Here’s some more free fire alarm blocks for autocad

If you’d like to see more of my  work go to firealarmdwg.com For a large bundled set of Fire alarm symbols and blocks. About ten years of work.


Comment below if you have any requests or suggestions.

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