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Console Gaming is the Envy Sport

Posted in : game, gaming, video game on by : TruXter

Day of launch comes, the stripped down basic version is the price that Microsoft said the full version is, only reason people accept it is because they wanted to the camp out thing on launch day and they justify it because the stripped version comes with a free control and 2 gigs more storage than originally stated for the stripped version.


What games would you like to See more of at E-3? – Poll

Posted in : video, video game on by : TruXter

E-3 2012 will be here in June. Media registration has already ended. so the show is stocked with seats, booths and visitors. Now for the preparations of the products.
The concern here is , “What games would you like to See more of at E-3?”


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Revealed

Posted in : fps, game, gaming on by : TruXter

Call of Duty Modern warfare 3 preview video is released. For those of us who like the Call of Duty game collection be it on console or pc ,we have to have this game.

Got my daily Activision email. Looks like I am the last person to get this email of the preview because it’s all over youtube already.

Watch the video and see what’s so awesome.