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Joomla Bluestork Built in Virus

Posted in : virus, Web Design, webdesign, website on by : TruXter

My website got shut down by my webhost. They told me there was a virus on my website and told me to upload a safe copy of the website..
Well I don’t have a copy of my website. They have a copy of my website.
but. I couldn’t do anything. SO I downloaded the whole website via FTP. and decided to locate the joomla files the webhost said may be compromised.
Yep. Sure enough.


Microsoft to End Pc Gaming

Posted in : computer on by : TruXter

When Code name Windows 8 comes out, you will be a cave man if you have a keyboard and a mouse. you will be the dorky kid in the tuff skins pants. And that my friend is how Pc gaming will die.