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Tech Behind Fire Alarm Systems

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Tech Behind Fire Alarm Systems

Posted in : fire alarm on by : TruXter

Fire Alarm technology has come a long way since first implemented into life safety. Fire alarms used to be controlled by an alarm box outside of the building. When a person would notice an alarm, they would run outside and activate the alarm in the alarm box. Now that is automated. Which is why they are called Automatic Fire Alarms. Automatic fire alarm systems are now capable of detecting smoke and notifying proper authorities all in less time than most humans can notice an issue. From rate of rise heat detectors to particle detection and Co detection. Fire alarm systems can monitor many aspects of your business.
And now, Technology has moved to remote interactive capability of alarm systems .
To add more, I will be using TEAMWired a fire alarm company in Houston, Texas as an example because I know for a fact they use this and all latest fire alarm technology.

FireAlarmPanelFire Alarm System inspections would be where the long run technology is the for the long run of fire alarm systems. Other than the fire alarm system and remote monitoring company constantly monitoring the location

Remote diagnostics of TEAMWired installed fire alarm systems can be performed from TEAMWired’s office to better prepare the fire alarm technicians with the required parts and equipment, before ever leaving the office. This can happen during the phone call between TEAMWired and the customer. Allowing them to better explain the procedure, before even jumping in the company vehicles.
Virtual As-built puts the information you need right in front of you are your computer
Remote Reporting from across the city or county or even across the state to better plan service calls for your fire alarm system.
Remote Programing of your fire alarm systems allows for the programmer to use every resource to insure the fire alarm system is programmed to peak performance and make an easy to understand read for quicker and more accurate use of onsite controls.

Fire Alarm System Monitoring
Alarm Monitoring us a necessary service.
Monitoring of an alarm system puts the fast action of instant notification of emergency services to prevent loss or damages to your personal being or properties. Typically monitored with some constant connection (for camera systems like CCTV or video analytics) between your alarm system and a crew that is constantly watching your video streams or a dial up service that your fire alarm system instantly dials out and connects to notify the monitoring company of activity or alarms.
These can be done via broadband or Dial up services.

designer.fireFire Alarm Installation
A Fire Alarm System begins with engineering. TEAMWired’s alarm design team is well versed in autocad and alarm drafting. This is a must for the permitting and installation.
The installers will bring the latest tools and parts for installation, and require the fire alarm layouts provided by the engineer and permitted by the local AHJ. The customer will get a copy of the as-built drawings with full spec submital cutsheets.

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