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The Importance of Alexa Ranking For SEO

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The Importance of Alexa Ranking For SEO

Posted in : review, SEO, Web Design, webdesign on by : TruXter

Alexa.com is a web information company. A site to get detailed traffic information about other websites on the internet. To me, this is the most important ranking system on the internet.

How Alexa works

Alexa judges your site’s traffic and locates other sites with the same traffic, then measures the length of time that the user spend on your time and how deep they go into your website, The rank is given at that point. as your traffic increases, you are now placed into a better category, and sometimes, you are the worst in that category, so your rank can suddenly look worse. as you level out, your rank will level out. If you finally hit a a solid rank, now is the time to make your articles worth reading longer, and your interior pages worth navigating to.

What good is Alexa?

Alexa tells you what you are worth on a local and worldwide scale. If you desire advertisements on your website, then a good rank in Alexa is helpful in getting affiliates to purchase space on your website. The better your score, the higher the value.

How do you get a better Alexa score?

Traffic. You need traffic. You need lots of people knowing that you have great content and are a great resource for specific information. You don’t need to be Wikipedia, but being Snopes.com wouldn’t hurt. You have to get better rank. You need to be found in search engines for everything your website is about, so that all of your content is easily found under the right category. Your target area is under 100,000 worldwide. and this is very hard to achieve. My Alexa rank is not quite close enough to that but after a good long time, It will be. I plan to be here a while doing this.

Simply put, you can look at the effectiveness of your search engine optimization and content value.

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