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The MUST HAVE App for Android

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The MUST HAVE App for Android

Posted in : cell phone, cellphone, photo on by : Tips Of Tech

I personally have a G1. The G1 phones have probably the sorriest battery life. In less than 4 hours, my battery is usually at  1/4 capacity. This means when I go to lunch at work, G1 is on the charger in the car while I eat lunch. This means 0% of my work day involves using facebook. :-(.

I have done everything I could to reduce battery usage. but this story isn’t all about my phone.

I found (from a lady at my job) Advanced Task Killer. You can find the actual app in the Android Market. It’s free and very useful.

Just install it and open your menu bar. Once you click on Advanced Task killer the first time, it should for ever be in your bar at the top of your screen (if you have a g1 like ) do still running the 1.6 firmware). As soon as the program opens the first time, you will see a list of apps that are currently running. Un-check the ones you do not want to disable (may I recommend you do not kill ATK?). If you must disable Advanced Task Killer, I would like to take the time to suggest that you go back to your main screen, press down in an empty space and just wait there with your finger on the screen. After a few (2-5) seconds you should get a pop up. This pop up will ask you what you want to add to home screen. Select “shortcuts”. There will be a second of things to select from, chose applications. This next menu will be in alphabetic order, Select Advanced Task Killer. This will place ATK on your Home Screen.

I myself create folders and separate my apps by placing them into specified folders. You can rename your folders by opening them and pressing in the folder with your finger and hold there for about 5 seconds or less. You will then be prompted to rename the folder.

Only downside, is the programs keep re-opening and you have to keep closing them. and every time you turn on the light to use the app, you run the battery down a bit more.

So for the battery saving Android application that you MUST HAVE, Get Advanced Task killer.

advanced task killerAdvanced Task Killer