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The Ultimate Myspace Games Toolbar

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The Ultimate Myspace Games Toolbar

Posted in : game, games, video game, video games on by : Game News

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Well I seem to have found “The Ultimate Myspace Games Toolbar” .

I found the toolbar that of all toolbars, it has links to help sites and tips sites with Myspace Mobsters Cheats, bots, glitches and tweaks. It has the same for Mafia wars and Street Racer, Vampires, Yoville, Sorority life and a couple more. . Man what used to be me with twenty windows open and mad clicking and typing is now just a series of 5-8 clicks and bam I am done.

The person that put this together seems to know exactly what is needed to make myspace gamingĀ  as easy as possible. It has what started to seem like work and labor (fixing all of my accounts, and updating everything) all rolled into one system of links and mods and glitches. I love this toolbar.

Tons of stuff I knew off but didnt have scattered all over my bookmarks/favorites, and some stuff i never knew of. I really recommend you try it out.