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Week In Review

Posted in : news, review, tech on by : TruXter

Here I state the stuff I did on the sideline that never made it to the site, and I will cover the stuff on the site and give it an “after though”.

Trying different Advertisers than adsense. I really do not like how the last three years of adsense pay out has been. it has been dwendling low. what used to pay is no longer the format, and what does pay is starting to seem a little arrogant. I mean their code is so perfect and so close to your content, it could never fail, the issue must be your content…..  also i have two tools to tell me how much traffice I get, no they do not conflict each other.  adsense is showing less than 1/3 the traffic in the results. but what do I care?  I mean adsense no longer pays you for how many people you serve their advertisements to.. Almost no motivation in that at all.

So Now I am trying “Adbrite” On the tech review site, and am going to try widget bucket on a couple other sites. I have got to see the pay scale difference.  I am scared that since adsense is so  greedy, the other companies will be as greedy.. You know how they get, if one guy makes 300% profit off of a product, you can be sure all the other companies will, even the ones who are going out of business and can’t figure out why or how to save themselves…

Let’s see how that plays out.

Phone review is being rough on me. MOTOrizr v3, blackberry 8100, and blackberry 7105t. Just to help those in the market for used and just want small specs. All on Tmobile. Hard part is I have to swap Sim card and Mem card around , it takes forever to boot a BlackBerry. I really do mean forever. 5 minutes at the least.  I love the MOTO, cant do much without the 8100, the 7100  well that makes a pretty good back up battery and back up phone in case I really really need it. GSM rocks.

SDR Podcast has had some very good shows.

Sad to hear that GEOcities is gone. Yeah it had crappy site builders there, but it also had tons of data stored. The passing of that site will mean the passing of the whole freedom to design.

ByeBye Free Design

Bye Bye Free Design

Hours upon hours fighting with windows seven, fight a bsod infection. I was using Microsoft Windows 7  64  on a 2.9 g AMD5600+(dual core) with 3 Gigs Mem and 250 gig Hard Drive, I would have a flash  chatroom open, I would have Hulu open and try to burn a cd. I would get a lock up. If i left it along i would get the blue screen of death, If I ctrl Alt Delete  , I would get this stupi annoying pop up that would tell me that it failed to open user account applet or something or other. View Photo Of Win7 BSOD

still can not get Autodesk Autocad 2010 to work on windows 7.