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What is Google Sniper

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What is Google Sniper

Posted in : advertisement, SEO on by : Tech Review Man

First Clue to being on a fake review site, they won’t say Google Sniper without saying the name of the clown who concocted the garbage soon after. Second clue is the pop up when you leave.
What is Google Sniper? Is Google Sniper a Scam?
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Google Sniper is what the owner of Google Sniper is trying to call the method of Google Bombing. Google Bombing is frowned upon, heavily upon by Google. So what Google Sniper is trying to teach you, will get you banned from Google.
All of the Websites you see talking good about Google Sniper, are selling you the Google Sniper product.Every website that talks positive about Google Sniper, Sells Google Sniper and has a pop up when you try and get out. If you do a search for Google Sniper Scam” all you find are the exact same pages as if you searched for Google sniper from it’s name. This guy actually buys websites so he can do fake reviews of his product and floods Google with fake search results. Google is not a brand new company. I mean you can’t even search for real opinions of Google sniper, good or bad, you just get the same results from the guy who created it. Most of the reviews are generated from a program. This program is what spammers use to make content. They write one review and hit the scramble button and it uses some weird thesaurus to create similar words and then reorganize the sentence. So you seeing 200 reviews, is actually 20 reviews scrambled and then repeatedly used.(maybe maybe not sure looks like it). I do see that he flooded Google results with “Google Sniper Scam’ Google Sniper Exposed Google Sniper review” to prevent people from seeing real posts about his stuff. How can you tell it’s him? That stupid pop up when you try and leave.. No one but adult websites and crooks use pop ups anymore. And no one uses that specific pop up except his team. Google knows very well how to handle this type of deception.
I would not recommend buying Google Sniper. George’s method will get you banned. He is constantly buying websites in the “pump and dump” method of using then to promote his “Teachings” so you buy his junk. The sites he is doing these reviews on, only cost him $7 and he doesn’t care what happens to them. You have your website that you have high hopes for. If your website gets done to it what his does, you will be devastated. Google Sniper will get you blacklisted from all search engines in less than two months of use.
Learn Real SEO. True Search Engine optimization is what Google wants you to do. It’s what works best with Google’s system.  If you will notice to the right, there are ads from Google. Those sites are what Google thinks is more relative to what you are looking for. Nowhere in that list do you see Google Sniper.Because Google Adsense would not accept such deceptive methods. So please do not get ripped off.
Nowhere do you see a legit website from the owner of Google sniper found in Google. You only find websites selling the product, but no actual product website is listed in Google.
If you type googlesniper.com it redirects you to another website that isn’t even listed in Google at all. Yet that site has the exact same stupid annoying popup that all the other sites have. This further proves that Google Sniper uses foul tactics frowned upon by Google and other. If you just type googlesniper.com in Google to see what’s results are, you see no link to the home page at all. You only see sub pages. Though deep linking is good. It does nothing good for you if you do not have your home page listed.
Search Engine optimization is all about making a clean website, with descriptive tagging , proper titles and no deceptive or no misleading measures. No annoying pop ups and no cheesy scams.

Stay away.

Use real Search Engine Optimization, Do not use the Google Sniper Garbage, there is no SEO involved in that at all.


I’m sorry if this seems punched out. I posted this with my G1 phone by taking notes. Came back to edit this and realized this scammer who makes Google sniper does not deserve so much attention form me. but if you get what I posted above, please respond below so the other readers can comprehend what the heck I was writing.
Here are two articles I created to to be an alternative to spending money on Google Sniper.
How to get Traffic to your website.
How to start an online store.

Google Sniper Review scores:
creativity – 3/10
function – 3/10
long run use – 1/10

end score 2/10

and spell-check keeps making me say “guttersnipe” instead of GoogleSniper. a bit fitting.

21 thoughts on What is Google Sniper

  • Google Sniper Scam 2011/03/15

    Well… Google Sniper is straight up trash.
    I would not wipe Google sniper on the back of my enemy.
    Google sniper does not work.
    the owners of Google sniper pay people to write 2000 word reviews of Google sniper. Then the owners of Google sniper go and past the reviews all over the internet. Then the owners of Google sniper take the reviews and run them through a bot that generates paragraphs from it’s built in thesaurus. It’s a spammers bot that makes it “easier ” to write multiples of the same story. Simple cheap ones are the ones you get in your email that make no sense. The guy using the script knows the original story so it makes sense to him.
    Google sniper is straight up spam garbage teaching you how to be annoying spam.
    Maker of Google Sniper needs their scam known by all.

  • Do Not Buy Google Sniper 2011/04/08

    Google Sniper is trash. Google Sniper is unsafe. Google sniper is crooked and should be banned from google. The effects caused by using google sniper as the seller states, could lead to some bad results for the purchaser of google sniper.
    I would not let my mother use google sniper, I will not let myself fall for such idiotic garbage.
    Way to go site owner.
    You are one of only three sites that make the truth be known that google sniper is complete rubbish.
    Do not send this guy your money.

  • Rajkumar 2011/06/30

    Well, you are right, if we search about google sniper on google, exactly same happens as you told here. no exact information you get, all you get is praise of it everywhere. It really confuses and this guy every time talks about earning and earning, but what would be the entire process? no exact clarification. I must say google should not keep quiet anymore, because people are mistaking it for a google product, and if goolgle keeps silence he would also be blamed passively.

  • TruXter 2011/06/30

    Along with praise come with selling the garbage.
    and no, google sniper is not a product of Google.

  • Barbara 2011/07/26

    OK. I believe you. But then, tell me how to learn the “good” SEO? I am absolutelly beginner, but creative and persistant.
    I must make money…

  • TruXter 2011/07/26

    You can start with searching my site for “seo” . Or “how to get traffic” . But if you feel you must see whats for sale with gs, and have the $ to spend, by all means, do what ends your curiosity.
    The internet is not a bucket of magical loop hole money. Its full of the same people who don’t like being scammed.
    So don’t think that by reading some book or listening to some audio tape while you sleep with your headphones on is suddenly going to make money fall out of the sky. If that could happen, then we all would be good mechanics and chefs.
    Heck I think this is on the front page of my site How To Get Traffic To Your Website. In doing that I glance of some topics of how to stay doing things by Google guidelines. In fact I am sure I link to them. If not, search them.

    To everyone else, there is no magic growth potion, there is no magic potion to fix the rip in your shirt or panty hose, there is no hair growth oil, there is no gasoline additive that fixes your car knocking, there is no book of cliff notes that will make you more knowledgeable on a subject and there is no way to trick,scam,ripp off a company and stay with in their guidelines just enough to make them not know if they should punish you,refuse you service or treat you like a king for teaching them.

  • Sports Freak 2011/08/23

    Thanks for your kind honest review. My little brother was purchasing this scam… Thanks for saving our money…

  • Sachin 2011/10/31

    thanks for your article. I came across that google sniper at the marketplace of clickbank and wanted to know what this guy is doing. I used google to search for “google sniper whats all about” and besides a load of trash from the siper himself ( I could see it even from the results, by the way) I found this very interesting piece of information.

  • Stuart 2011/12/18

    Proof is is the pudding my friend, I have exactly 43 Sniper sites as per George Brown’s guidelines and I am earning between $700 – $900 Per Day

    Google Sniper has sold thousands of copies and the refund rate is less than 1% (you can check the Clickbank stats on that) that’s an indicator of a very well received product

    One question for yea TruXter, how can you slam a product that you obviously DO NOT own?


    I do not work for Google Sniper (they are not a company… Google Sniper is a course)

    I am not affiliated with Google Sniper in any manner

    I am simply a VERY Satisfied customer who is making enough money with the Sniper strategy to have quit my boring day Job…. I need not say more!

  • TruXter 2011/12/18

    Oh. Yeah? Really? What are your websites about? I write legit reviews of products i have tried. Website and software i have tried. On 4 of my own websites, I make 300 in ad revenue across three advertising affiliates.
    I scam no one, I write truth and use legal accepted pr methods for all websites i 8bild for myself and for people who pay for my seo (search engine optimization) services.
    Google sniper is. In every since of the word, a scam. You try and convince people that SEO services are expensive, or even don’t exists, while you charge retarded fees to purchase software, monthly charges for one video you watch about storage, then some weird subscription services that are totally pointless, even though they can opt out at any time, you don’t don’t make it clear how to . Leaving people in the typical scam overcharge nightmare.

    Cool thing is, on the side i build seo functioning websites for people for under $500 per site. I do 4 a week and have a full time job in graphics design.
    I mean, since your bragging and all. Ill bet you have nothing to offer people on your site except Google sniper.
    Fyi i know a few people who work for a search engine company and they tell how Google sniper keeps popping up scam sites and they keep getting banned from … the search engine.
    Have fun scamming people.
    Oh. Why is it that people who defend Google sniper, say “proof is in the pudding.”

  • seminole 2012/01/02

    Dear Truxter,

    Your comments about Geroge Brown’s google sniper are completely false. The system is not a scam, however, I do agree that some of the knowledge could be used by scammers.

    You claim that you make 300 in ad revenue but you dont say over how long a period. Per month? Per day? Per year? Although ad revenue is easy money, especially f you have sites with high traffic, the big money is within affiliate programs. The problem here is that there are alot of seedy affiliate networks out there and it can be hard to find a legit one with good products (like clickbank). These seedy networks are the scammers.

    You claim to be proficient in web/graphic design but this site is built on a elementary word press platform with possibly the most generic theme available. No offense but this site falls into the skillets of some 12 year olds. Also, you are doing the exact same thing by promoting products on your sites so how do you justify that? Do you really expect us to believe that you have tried every product? In addition, what makes your opinion on these products qualified especially since your website is very basic and doesn’t reflect someone who is an expert in web/graphic design or a tech savy individual?

    Continuing on, I built ONE site that generated 500 a day on autopilot. Now it also importnat for me to note that I did have others sites that were complete failures. Internet marketing is tough, it requires effort, brains, and luck.

    George Brown’s system gives you the knowledge to succeed at internet marketing. He shows testimonials of people who have made it big soley to market his product but that does not indicate that everyone can do it. This same marketing principle is applied to weight loss and various other products all of the time.

  • TruXter 2012/01/02

    Yes, my site is built very basic.
    It is a wordpress site and the theme is basic because it is one that allows me to place banners exactly where I need them. I use wordpress because it’s a “no effort” script. I can post from my cell phone using the wordpress ap for android. It’s really cool. Especially if i am writing a review on location and want to leave something in drafts area to get to when I get home. The theme looks basic because it is.

    I am not selling SEO or webdesign from this site.

    I build websites for other people, and put more attention into the designs I give them, because they are paying customers.
    This website is just for blasting out news and reviews, and linking to actual products, like shirts, jackets and bumper stickers. There is nothing seedy about selling a bumper sticker.

    I only review things I have tried. I have not tried everything in the world, or this website would be quite bulky by now.

    Assuming that a person has not tried a product, is quite foolish, when you clearly have nothing to base this theory on.

  • I bought Bought Google Sniper 2012/01/03

    I bought Google sniper and tried to get a refund. The run around was so frustrating I gave up and chalked it down as a loss.

    They convince you to sign up for some news letter that is pointless, but costs you money every month. Complete uselessness.

    The whole thing sells it’s self as a way to get your website noticed and these have to be the most elementary ineffective methods of getting your website into search engines.

    Even Google sniper’s main website, can not be found in Google.

    you can only find the #2 and it’s getting buried under.

    So far, the only people to say his name, are the people defending it.

  • ? 2012/04/03

    almost bought into the scam. thanks for the info

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  • magnumocean 2012/06/13

    yeah, google sniper seems very convincing at the beginning, but becomes too good to be true, and when too good to be true is presented, it is definitely untrue! He keeps saying its free, but why the hell would you need to pay 50 bucks for it?

    People, if he is really making so much money NOT scamming people, he wouldnt need to tell the world about what he is doing and keep the $196 billion for himself! Its human nature to not share wealth, so if he CLAIMS to be sharing this wealth, then you know his wealth comes from you! Victims who fall for his scam!!

  • Bloggernott 2012/07/14

    Google Sniper …blah, blah, blah, Just another scam. Google rewards good relevant content
    over 150,000 scammers were banned from Google for life last year . I expect at least the same this year.

    The search engines change there algorithms constantly because these scammers keep trying to out smart them.

    For every honest marketer there are ninety five crooks and really think about it if it sounds to good
    RUN. Thank you for an honest review , as Google has now started de-indexing a lot of so called review sites
    great to see an honest one .

  • Susan 2012/09/06

    Thank you so much for your review. Its true many people will pay $47 just to satisfy their curiosity. I almost did. I do the SEO for the corporation I work for and our site IS #1 on Google. But we actually sell products the company manufactures. I have the know how of getting my sites to rank (at work) and have often thot I should do one myself..but I have no real product to sell. I’m looking into selling someone elses product, but its gotta be real cuz I won’t scam people.

  • Bandzy 2012/11/05

    Great review of google sniper thanks man. I hope that some owner of that program will respond.
    OK, I heard for that program read about it and then I saw video of google sniper.
    If You know what SEO is, dont buy google sniper couse its not magic software ho will cheat google search engine
    but if you don’t know SEO YOU ARE IN BIG TROUBLE.
    The secret of google sniper is that everybody speaks about, and everyone do that ’cause (dram roll)

    Search for word is 33,100 monthly, 33,100 possible free visitors to your site 33,100 possible buyers for your ads
    that is hole secret.

    If google sniper works than try to find testinggooglesniper dot tk
    that will be true test for it and If works

    Thanks everyone

  • TruXter 2012/11/05

    I am sorry Bandzy, that is not now the world works.
    If there are 31,000 searches for something in google/bing/yahoo etc. the pages most likely to get clicked are pages that most closely relate to the item being searched. If you will notice, you will see there is a small description in the search results of where that word (that you are searching) is typed in in a web page. If the word you are searching (because you want to buy prepared ducks) is the word duck, and in the first couple links you see the results of “the ducks at the zoo are funny” Well… that’s not what you are looking for at all. there may be only a small portion of the people searching the word duck, who want to know about ducks at the zoo.

    Search engines are more logical than that.

    The assumption that you can add the word duck to your website that sales empty 5 gallon buckets, is idiotic. That’s thinking like back when the internet was chaos. Google will remove your website from their search results if you do such things. If google does that, count on bing and yahoo doing the same.
    It has been nearly 7 years since google fixed taht issue in it’s search engine.

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