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What the Future will Say about Today’s Technology

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What the Future will Say about Today’s Technology

Posted in : science, tech on by : Tips Of Tech

As we find that theories change due to altering factors, we may find one day that these things that work today, may be so archaic in the future the people in the future will have no idea how we made this old junk actually function, or could wonder why we even bothered with such self destructive uselessness.

“They carried little radioactive devices in their pocket as a status of wealth and importance, but justified the expensive costs with a need to communicate RIGHT NOW?”.

I worry about the credibility one could hold if they go on record saying that some past theory is worthless because of some new findings. In most cases the new findings are based on findings that started from the original stated theory. In the future when it is explained would ruin the credibility of the current scientists.

Yes the past means old ways, but you wouldn’t have your current knowledge if it wasn’t based on original theories. Meaning a 25 year old theory isn’t wrong just because of new findings, Those new findings are just different outcomes and new circumstances that you might be looking at from some made up rules that you are pulling from another test. Yes, sometimes logic and rational knowledge would lead you to believe both have the same rules or one is the standard of rules of the other, but you can’t 100% verify that your previous finding is 100% the only outcome, but if you look at them both under the same rules you have a definable answer, until someone has the time to try a different but similar test with differing rules to get a whole different outcome. You can then come to acknowledge a whole new standard in science. Main factor is time, altering factor is funds. Your results are based on your funds, and your time to invest in the study.

200-2000 years from now, everything you think is the be all end all rule, will most likely be taught in the lowest grade of education and might be passed off as disoriented mythology.

Look back just 25 years ago. The people of that time dreamed of computers that were not even 1/100th the processing power of today’s computers. And those people thought that type of “futuristic” computer could power a flying car and solve diseases (much like what is proposed to be the purpose of tumbling), work artificial intelligence robots. We now know better. It will never work with that type of power. but at that time, the most intelligent minds of that era considered it possible. Can you truly think that 200 years from now, what our current highest held Scientific finding, will even be a drop in the bucket of ideas and logic?

One day or over a bit of time, some one (one representing thousands) will stand up and say “Oh heck, they have been looking at this completely wrong, all of that is useless”. And suddenly some weird or overlooked factor is brought into the picture and all previous findings are dismissed for a true result that proves 100% correctness from that point forward.