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Why Android Apps Sometimes Won’t Update

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Why Android Apps Sometimes Won’t Update

Posted in : android, cell phones, cellphone on by : TruXter

I find myself sometimes wondering if my tablet is broken, or if my internet connection is flakey or if my tablet or phone has a virus. I sit for longer than I’d like to admit to myself, trying to get apps to update. I find that some apps will update, and some just won’t . No matter how many times I try, no matter how close to the router I sit. Nothing
Update Failed
Well I figured out why the apps sometimes will not update on my Android devices.
I moved them to the micro-SD card.
That simple.
You move the apps to the micro-SD card and for some reason, Android forgets how to function.
When installed on SD card, sometimes Android has trouble updating the apps, sometimes has trouble even running the apps.

Here’s how to get the apps to update.(extreme case)
You have to move them back to the phone , then uninstall them.
Format your micro-SD card.
Take the micro-SD card out, reboot your Android and then reinstall the apps.
Then reinstall the micro-SD .
You should be done.
If you want to move the apps back to the micro-SD card, that’s all up to you.

You could see Update Failed  again though.

I however will not be moving apps to my micro-SD card on my android. and will not be buying a large capacity micro-SD with my next Android purchase. There’s no reason for me to.
You can keep your Update Failed  notices.

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