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Why I Hate Linkedin

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Why I Hate Linkedin

Posted in : website on by : Computer Tweaker

The number one thing I hate the most is a friend in my address-book sending me crap to sign up to. I hate that friend who is so stupid they sign up to a site and it asks them the password to their email account so the website can see how many of their friends are on  that website’s services. I hate when that person comes back to me the next day asking me how they can get their email back from the spammer who stole it. I hate having to fight with and for them at the same time.
Nothing makes me want to say ” Dude you are an idiot, I got the email the day you signed up to “insert site name here,here,here,here. So I know exactly how you lost your email password.”

Websites that force you to give up your email password so you can use their services, IMHO have no respect or scruples whatsoever. The people who sign up to those sites, further encourage them to think it is okay to do so.

How does this all tie into linkedin?

linkedin page

This is what I see

I see this when I hit the “Home” button. It takes me to that lump of tacky steaming hot junk. So I went through the whole set up of trying to just give it my email  and password, because they wanted to “see how many friends I have using it” it shows i have 114 in my addy book, and forces me to select as many as I have to invite them all. I unchecked everyone and selected accept send or what ever, it refreshed and made me sign back into linkedin, and it showed me the same page. I am appalled by this. I thought this was a tech community, not a “hey the internet used to be full of scammers who did this all the time and people fell for it and we all called them idiots but these are different days now so it’s it is ok now” type of website full of morons who make sparkly myspace  web-pages that cause seizures.

I clearly am not accepted at linkedin because my I.Q. Is clearly far to high.