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Why I Hate Youtube

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Why I Hate Youtube

Posted in : RANT, review, website on by : TruXter

Everyone wants to be “Ask a Ninja”

This man did it before anyone. and still does it.

But what brought me to this “Why I Hate YouTube” post.
Stupid Video
YouTube is full of idiots just like that. What do I mean by that? He is some clown who sees what is popular on YouTube, so he uses what ever program he has to download someone else’s video from YouTube, cut the crap out of the video and turn a 5 minute video into a small 3 second segment of the actual footage. But he “talks” okay, he actually screams into the camera giving some stupid description of the video, then he plugs some other “viral video” from YouTube, maybe one that was popular last month or what ever just so “you know that he can relate”. Then the clown turns around and uses the same tags from the original video and adds more to the tags field to insure top rank, and then he titles the video similar to the original but tweaked a bit to ensure more clicks.
Another Stupid Video
Same with this guy.
Sorry dude but your video starts out saying “Viral Video” right away, I don’t like you and I hate your scream thing you have going on in your video.
I don’t actually hate YouTube, I hate the fact they allow this to happen. They are doing it for the google ads. More power to you on collecting for your original work.. oh wait.. it’s not original. and it’s totally gaming Adsense and gaming Google’s search algorithm.
It’s the funding of these dill holes that is killing the income of the writers and news collectors and site owners and site designers who have original content that use the adsense market. It seems ever since they added the adsense feature to YouTube, the quality of YouTube videos has turned into regurgitated current news, while the pay and share of adsense has diminished.

Do we have enough Justin Beiber on YouTube?
hate,like,bash Justin bieber just to get a thumbs up? bug off with that.

Do a high pitched voice and act like your gender is unidentifiable? bug off with that.
Every single video on YouTube seems like some guy or girl commenting on a popular topic, they say one sentence with the camera back a bit, then they comment on their comment while making a wise crack about the comment, with the camera zoomed in, then they go back to camera one and say one sentence, one fricking sentence and then bam….. back to the zoomed in commenting on the last sentence.. What the heck ? !!!!! Do they all have to be like that? I mean, video after video after video, each one is the exact same format. STOP THAT, JUST STOP THAT!
Could you imagine if Friends used the same dull theme that Seinfeld used, or if Casper was like Popeye. Imagine if the whole world had no variety.

Please, if you are going to do something original, please use original content, and please try and add a taste of originality to your format.

Here is another dude regurgitating news.

One thought on "Why I Hate Youtube"

  • Crash 2011/09/11

    I agree! The problem is that it is now too easy to get a stupid idea out there. The mental-midgets now have the ability to spread their moronic opinions to people all around the world. Google, I beg you, just make it even moderately difficult to post something on YouTube. The idiots are taking over!

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