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Why not fix computers for friends

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Why not fix computers for friends

Posted in : computer on by : TruXter

We have all asked ourselves Why not fix computers for friends. So we do it, and we learn that people treat you different once you have fixed their computers. It gets even worse if they pay you after you fix their computer. They will either accuse you of taking parts off of their computer, or not doing anything and just handing the computer back to them just as much broken as it was to begin with.
You lose friends this way.
What’s even worse, is when you fix a family member’s computer. They get dependent on you. so dependent on you, they practically want to sit behind you and tell you where to surf, so they can see website stuff without breaking their computer.
Now fixing a computer for a friend of a friend. That’s okay. you can charge that person and not care. unless their friend is super hot. Now you can suggest that you come over and “hook it up” for them.
but I myself refuse to work on a family member’s computer, just like I won’t lend them money or borrow money, or live with them in their place or mine.

You can sit there and blast canned air through the machine, spend three hours trying to get some stupid program to work, because well.. there is no install disk anywhere.

Way to much frustration involved.
This is exactly why I have stopped working on computers for friends.