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Will Google Buy Twitter?

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Will Google Buy Twitter?

Posted in : chat, entertainment, google, internet, MESSAGE, micro-blog, network, news, social, tech, twitter, writing on by : TruXter

Looks like examiner thinks so.

Tech Crunch thinks it is a maybe deal

So does pc world

I myself Have been thinking for a while that it probably should have happened a while back.
The big issue is everyone says that twitter has no market. Yes they do. It’s 100% plain simple advertisement already.
Twitter should have had adsense on the top of every page in the script from the start. they would have easily cleared as much money as google could offer by now. But they played it smart and pointed at nothing but keeping the users happy. Sad think is, whom ever is to purchase twitter, will have a goal different of the twitter group, so expect to see some changes. what made it popular will no longer be there. The freedom to post at no cost, without intrusive ads. We hoard to that kind of atmosphere. Now we all wait with our fingers on our twitter aps in our cell phones, and wonder when we have to uninstall it.