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Winner Gift Text Messages are Scams

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Winner Gift Text Messages are Scams

Posted in : cell phone, cellphone, scam, text on by : TruXter

I got my text message from Winnergift.net, and decided to google the word “Winnergift.net,‘ and found exactly what I expected.
The owners of Winnergift.net, just registered their website today and are text messaging millions of people at the same time with unique links telling them they just won a prize.

The common message says

Your number last minute WON! Click Winnergift.net, (XXXX), enter your code XXXX to get card in 24hrs.


Maybe one, maybe both sets of numbers I blocked out are phone number confirmation codes. I do not know. I do know that when you Google that link you will see that today, hundreds upon hundreds of people are checking by the phone numbers to see if Winnergift.net is legit. The phone number and the website are not legit.

It seems that winnergift is spoofing every confirmed phone number, so they can send out more text messages.

don’t click that link, do not confirm the last 4 digits and do not confirm the 4 digit code after the link.

This is a scam.



and now today’s version is gift-winner.org

Question is, what have we all signed to that is the same? is it phone carrier? facebook? twitter? someone is selling our numbers out right?


Poll trying to see if certain phone companies are selling our data