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10 reasons people stick with Facebook

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10 reasons people stick with Facebook

Posted in : facebook, review, social network on by : TruXter

There are many reasons people do not leave Facebook or at least try other social websites. Such as Reddit or Google plus or even twitter. But the number one truth is, the deep down the most common is the #1 reason in this list.
I myself stayed for 8 long useless years but I did try other social websites instead of just Facebook alone. And ya know what? They all were fun. Especially during the boring times when no one posted updates to Facebook. Or during the constant bombardment of memes and no one actually talking. During the times of endless farmville and similar games invites.
I was always looking for a way out of Facebook. And well. Now that I am banned or suspended until I show them my i.d. (same thing for all I care, and yes they are requesting my i.d.) I feel less stressed out. I feel less fake. I feel less like I am trying to prove something.
I’m free really.

10. They use Facebook for specific reasons .
9. They somehow think Facebook is safer than other websites.
8. They believe Facebook is more than a chatsite because of very common features.
7. They have elder freinds who are hard to transplant to a new site and it would be hard to explain the privacy issues.
6. They have many pictures stored on Facebook.
5. They dont want to start their games over.
4. It is their home page.
3. They have already accepted so much privacy intrusion and don’t feel like giving up so much privacy to yet another website.
2. They can barely use Facebook and don’t want to learn a new site.
1. They don’t want to rebuild their fake freinds list again.

There are alternatives to Facebook. You just have to find them.

One thought on "10 reasons people stick with Facebook"

  • John Webb 2015/02/19

    You are pretty much right in what you say. I use Facebook daily but I use it how I want. I keep friends to a minimum to the point that if it goes past forty I trim it back down to forty. For the most part if you are not family or an ex work colleague or school mate you probably are not going to get friended and if you do and never post or contribute you will soon get deleted. I use Facebook to keep up with people and to let them know what my family are up to via status updates and photo uploads. I also subscribe to a lot of news and special interest pages so for me it is a bit like an online magazine. Facebook is useful to me and suits my needs but it needs to be tightly controlled when it comes to who you let on it and what you say on it.

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