Ebay and the shipping desception

So, you go to EBAY and select to search only items within your country. Be it so you can find items that will get there sooner, or because you feel safer.
This is your choice.
This is what you selected and this is what you should find.
But there is a secret that people outside of your country know about that you might not know about.
there are companies that are built to give people from outside of your country, a mailing address to set up their ebay accounts with.
In the USA there are a few. Most common are in Compton California,Florida and New York. I will not post the names of these companies because I don’t want to pass this on to other people who want to know how this is done.

What I do want to make clear is that EBAY needs to filter this better.

Why does this bother me?
Here’s an example:
I just bought a phone from my phone carrier. Most expensive phone i ever bought. I researched everything I could on this phone. I looked up a good case for my new phone on Ebay. So i made my purchase through my phone carrier’s website, then I made my purchase on Ebay from a company stating that it is in the USA.
Shipping states that it will take 5 days for the case to get here.
6 days go by, and I have been delicately carrying my phone around. I look online to check the tracking and the information is cleared saying that it will now take three weeks for my phone case to get here. Why? because it takes forever for things to get mailed from the Philippians to the USA.
So here I am ordering yet another phone from some on that everyone seems to stating the shipping was super fast . Hoping I get a case on my phone before the week’s end.

If I wanted a case that takes forever to get here I would have paid for one of the $3 versions of the exact same case. but no. I paid $16 for it to come from the same country as the rest. Only disguised under some weird p.o. box garbage with a lay over.

Just a heads up about the deceptive mailing addresses of some of ebay’s users.
This type of  scam on ebay makes the website utterly untrustworthy and useless.

How to Talk to the I.T. Guy

I get it, you are calling someone to help you with something you are incapable of fixing yourself. You want to make sure you called the right person. Don’t confuse “Feeling a person out” with relentlessly challenging a battle of wits with a person who just wants to get the job done so he can go to the next location. You have to keep it professional.

The I.T. guy is a person who does everything like a normal person. Eats lunch, even if your job is an emergency and the puppies in the back are slowly catching on fire. The I.T. guy needs to eat. Be respectful. Move the puppies elsewhere.
Here’s a couple topics to consider when you want to talk to the i.t. guy

When you are on the phone giving them an idea of what’s wrong with your computer:
If something is broke or doesn’t work, don’t say “Nothing is working”. because you now told him your computer is not worth repairing, or you sent him on a goose chase of wasted time trying to find the problem. If everything is broke then he has to check hardware, when in the end it could mean you hit the mute button and didn’t realize it. Totally different issues.
Don’t ever say “I don’t know you’re the I.T. Guy”.
don’t say “It was working fine before you guys came out last time”. If it was working fine, then why did they come out? Is that normal that people just come out while on the clock and hang out with you and start digging into your computers?

When someone is working on your computer:
Don’t complain on and on about anything. No one wants to work around that. Yes you all complain.
Don’t start tacking on more problems you have while the technician is still trying to diagnose what you called him out for.
Don’t ever say”I tried that”. Ever.
Don’t “quiz” the technician before,during, or after repair. If you’re qualified to quiz, fix it yourself. That’s how you get “Sorry I didn’t find anything, wrong here’s my bill for trip fee and diagnosis”. You called him for a reason, tell him what the reason was. Those quizzes can turn into completely un-technical content. So having a battle of wits with a  computer guy is just dumb, he does not care how much you know about soil samples and he isn’t here to test if he knows more about it than you.
Don’t take control of the computer while the technician is still trying.
While he is working and thinking and trying to come up with a solution, don’t start saying panic stuff like ‘OH MY GOD, DUDE!!!! WHOLY CRAP”. He is focused and you are blowing his attention.
Don’t ask him personal stuff unless you want to hear personal stuff.
Don’t rattle on and on about your problems. He is a computer guy, not a therapist.
No he can’t fix your microwave.
Don’t be over protective of your computer. He can’t work if you are constantly restricting him from doing things. Just as bad as tying a hand behind his back. Hide your selfies before he gets there if you have issues.
Give him space.
Don’t exaggerate.
Don’t pretend to understand, don’t ask for detail about something when you aren’t even listening anyway
Don’t tell him he is working on the wrong thing if your are the one who told him what the symptoms were during initial call.

The big one is the quiz game. Don’t quiz the i.t. guy.
I.t. guys have to deal with this stuff 100% of the time. Coworkers who think they can do his job and he is a waste of company money, other i.t. guys.
Anytime you hear someone talking about a problem and you want to just suggest something. you get treated like you told them their mom smells like fish and they should fix their computer with wet bologna.
It becomes tiresome that every time you go to a job you spend the first 15 minutes getting mentally felt up by the village idiot .
He got his job knowing his stuff. You don’t quiz your butcher, hair dresser, traffic cop,librarian,doctor, cab/taxi/uber driver,pilot or even your president. These are people YOU SHOULD quiz. Not the guy trying to fix your machine. Sure you can question why he charged you for a hard drive and motherboard replacement when all he did was fix your icons. Yeah … question that for sure. but let the man start working.
After the work is through, and you ask the the I.T. guy what the problem was, don’t follow up each answer he gives with “why”. You sound like a 5 year old.

Be truthful, and get to the point, then get out of the way.

Pokemon(ed) out

Well it seems in less than a week we have seen and read so much about Pokemon, we are now sick of the app.
All of the Memes of people with their find on the toilet, or in a wineglass. And all of the creepy van pictures with spray painted signs saying “Pokemon inside” blah blah blah.
We’ve all heard the 60 year old news anchor pretend to be turning off his Pokemon-go app, and we know darn well he doesn’t care about that game.
We’ve heard our local radio hosts yammering on endlessly about their kids getting out of the house finally.
We get it, the game requires you to walk to the end of your street. You did it once and have been posting memes about all of the walking you have been doing for the past six days. We get it…
We’ve seen the Pokemon pop up in weird locations that make us wonder “how’d they know the dimensions of this exact location???”. come on. You have your camera on. It asked you for permission. You can’t be that ignorant can you?
Here’s the permissions, Don’t worry it’s short and no big words.

Version 0.29.0 can access:
In-app purchases
find accounts on the device
find accounts on the device
approximate location (network-based)
precise location (GPS and network-based)
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
read the contents of your USB storage
modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
read the contents of your USB storage
take pictures and videos
receive data from Internet
control vibration
access Bluetooth settings
use accounts on the device
prevent device from sleeping
view network connections
pair with Bluetooth devices
full network access

It was a short chuckle the first time we all saw the beat up van with “Pokemon inside” then we saw the cleaner but solid white kidnapper van, then the guy “it puts the lotion on it’s skin” and the plethora of clowns. This game is creepier than what we were scared of with facebook. Did you sign in using your Facebook account? because that would be 1000Xs creepier.
That’s enough.
The game has no high moment just a constant “meh” with no climax.

It seems that Pokemon is pretty much for those who ignore simple reality, or children too young to know what their privacy is worth.
And they don’t even care that you can’t battle people. The whole concept of the cartoon the game is based on is battling with your Pokemon. The whole concewpt of the cards that were played with was to battle with your Pokemon.

Your typical pokemon players

Your typical pokemon players

Pokemon-Go away. Please stop promoting this dead horse.


Cricket Wireless Mass Outages

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Yes Cricket users you have no signal.
People are reporting outages to the Cricket network across the country on a website called ” isdownrightnow.net
If you just go to the site and search for Cricket, and when you find the page for reporting outages, just sit there and hit refresh and look at all of the people reporting in they have an outage, and look at where they are reporting from.

Doesn’t look like Cricket to AT&T switching is going all that smooth.

the Cricket website is also going in and out and forcing you to re-log in. The amount of time you stay logged in is about 1/5th the amount of time it takes for Cricket’s website to accept your password.

From New York to Texas to California, all of Cricket cell phone serviceis down.
Nation wide cell phone outages.
since 4pm Central, Cricket has been out of service. No calls in or out. If you call your voicemail from another phone, you can log in and check your voice mails. You can even delete them. Nothing much after that. Your phone will still show that you have voicemails that have not been deleted or heard.

Odd that this happens right after TeamViewer gets hacked then Myspace gets hacked.
Share this page to help get the word out.

How to disable LIVE notifications on facebook

Do we care? do we care that someone has their iPhone on shooting some useless footage of them at the dmv giving a play by play?
No we do not.
If you are at the white house and asking good questions, then yes, we all want to see it . (you might get arrested using the camera. not sure. never tried so.. ask first). but if you are just running the live video for the sake of streaming live on facebook (which you can do with Ustream and have been able to do since facebook started) Please don’t send out mass notifications
And dear facebook, please quit opting me in for that crap. I don’t care is someone is streaming a live video of how to call a library and ask for an extension.

That’s out of the way.
Let’s get rid of the “Live video” notifications.

Open facebook on your computer. Click the globe in the top right corner. the one that is for notifications.
When the list of notifications drops down, look at the top right of that. Click on “settings”
Scroll all of the way down to the bottom of the “settings” page and there it is.
Says “Live videos”.
look to the right hand side. There will be a small drop down menu. Likely says on or all on. Click that and make your choice. I selected “ALL OFF!!!!” .
that simple. You’re done

Dasani Water and Parasites

So we’ve ll seen the picture of the hand holding the translucent skinny fish looking thing with the caption saying something along the line of Coca~cola recalling Dasani bottled water due to contaminants.

You want to know if it is true or not.

Well it is false.

There are several known “false-news” websites promoting this rumor and several websites out there dedicated to busting lies that state many facts that destroy this rumor.

but you know facebook. “If I keep seeing it, then it must be true”.

All say this rumor about a parasite in dasani water is false.
Simple fact is you would see that eye in the water and the fish would die long before it gets to you because there is no new fresh to mix in the water.
This one comes up about as often as the “butt spider“.

Same thing with the butt spirder rumor. If you see a post on Facebook about the dasani water parasite, share this link in the comments.. At least you will know you did your part.

How To Block The Spam on Your Cricket Phone

Since the new Privacy Policy change at Cricket , they have allowed us to opt out of the advertisement types. Such as; web browser spam, and text message notifications.
We here at TruXter Tech decided to run through them all and opt ourselves out of them all. Here’s how we did it.

To opt out of “Relevant advertising” Click here

To opt out of advertisements on your phone based on your usage and locations Click Here

Phone Spam Opt Out

Phone Spam Opt Out

More Addvertisers to opt out from Click Here

You have opted out of relevant advertising on your mobile device.

You have opted out of relevant advertising on your mobile device.

To unsubscribe from Cricket’s Email spam Click Here

Federal Do Not Call list Click Here

To stop getting mail from Cricket and their affiliates Click Here

To Opt out of Cricket Text Messages Click Here

Opt Out Cricket Text Messages

Opt Out Cricket Text Messages

Cricket Changing Privacy Policy

Cricket Cell phone carrier changing it’s privacy policy

In a text from Cricket

It’s Cricket Wireless here with an important service update. Effective June 16, 2016 we are changing our privacy policy so we can share your information with our parent company, AT&T. We are also changing the payment grace period. Please visit cricketwireless.com/june for more information.

Grace Period Change

Effective June 16th, 2016, the grace period to restore your service if you miss your Cricket Pay Date is changing from two (2) days to one (1) day. After the grace period you will be charged a reactivation fee to restore your service.

Basically Cricket and AT&T Merged a while back. and you’ve seen some changes. Well those changes aren’t over yet. You are in for a bunch of new spam.
Spam related on your browser history and your locations you frequent or frequently pass.

Cricket’s new policy change is based on AT&T’s policy since AT&T owns Cricket now.

Here is the current standing Privacy Policy of Cricket
any policy additions as of now are found here

How to opt out of Cricket Spam

I don’t like the idea that they can watch everything I am interested in, or things that freak me out so I check it out to see what it is then advertise to me based on my searches. I also don’t like the idea that I can be chasing my dog down the street to get him back home and get stuck behind a fish market trying to get him to come into reach and start getting advertisements based on seafood. Or that I can say the word “seafood” and BAM I am bombarded with seafood ads.

Heatsink Upgrade to Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus on AM3+ Review

The Girlfriend does a lot of video recording and editing internet companies. She runs an i7 processor and an Nvidia 970 video card with 16 gigs ram. She uses Camtasia software for a lot of her work. During the phase of compiling, we noticed sometimes her pc would crash, or lock up. After we installed speedfan we realized that she was hitting 180+ degrees so her intel was peaking high.
Until we could find her a new heatsink for her work horse, we tried to get by with my Athlon II X3 445 (Tri-core cpu) and my AM2 6 core which I bought for $5 at Epic A resell store.

This was a hard fact to face. The i7 is flat out a beast, and my AMD machines were completely useless for her. Except maybe recording. Rendering a video that she just compiled normally would have taken 10-17 minutes on her machine (when working right) ended up saying it would take 45 minutes on the AM2 and approximately 3 hours on the tri core.

So we took a trip to the computer store and bought the best heatsink they could advise, and what has the best/most reviews on line. We bought her computer a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. Her temperature now stays in the 110s while compiling. Oddly there is no noticeable damage to the cpu or motherboard.

PcCooler Heatsink

PcCooler Heatsink

IMG_1218 My AMDs that I was proud to have had running for so little investment, were crushed in the dirt and now useless for every function in the house. Between her video work and my autoCAD work, it was time for an upgrade. So I (being the true AMD Fan I am) took a trip to the local computer store and brought home an AM3+ 8320 processor, 16 gigs of pny Anarchy 1866 ram, and an MSI 970A-G46 motherboard. of course a new case. Dropped my Geforce GTX460 Video card in and slapped on the factory heatsink, installed a spare power supply we had. Installed windows 7 and pushed the computer to her and said “well, try it out”.

We head back up to the computer parts store and buy a $21 heatsink.  Give it one test and find that it was time to take another trip to the computer store to buy the exact same heatsink we bought for her intel cpu. Within 1-2 minutes of rendering, the temperature of the processor jumped from the cool 98 degrees up  near 140 degrees and was climbing faster every second. The PCcooler heatsink is great for dissipating heat, at idle. but it was as if there was a threshold of like 115 degrees before it’s method of absorbing and dissipating heat become utterly useless. I will not throw it away. I will be installing it on another pc, but I’ll have to add an extra fan or something experimental.

Since I remember the instructions for the girlfriend’s computer came with instructions and spare parts for an AM3+ processor, I decided to search for the same heatsink.

I found the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus sounded like and looked like the same heatsink. Chased down the reviews and found everyone complaining about the install instructions but praising the cooling. Bought it for $35 and got free shipping.

DSC_0002It took all of about 10 minutes to install the new heatsink. I admit I cheated and watch this guy’s video though. I had to remove one side case fan for clearance, the processor heatsink was just too tall for my ENERMAX case.
Right away I went to rendering a video I compiled last night . When I tried to render the video last night, though the new computer made light work of the task, my cpu temperatures got to 145 degrees.
but now with the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus heatsink, re-rendering the same video took less than half the time it did last night and temperatures never exceeded 116 degrees.

The build is finally a success. and total cost under $600. and so far nothing runs slow, nothing hangs so far and it seems my autocad is flying. even using the knock off brands of cad design like bricsCAD, nanoCAD or ProgeCAD. They all run smooth with no pausing, no “thinking”.

Temperatures while in autocad never exceed 113 degrees.

I even ran a windows benchmark.
Sorry about the screenshot with in a screenshot. Only way I could think to get both scores up at once.

Review score for the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus
Ease of installation: 10/10
visible appeal: 10/10
effectiveness: 10/10
noise factor: 9/10

Final score: 10/10

Extra score = Instructions booklet usefulness: 1/10

Why Android Apps Sometimes Won’t Update

I find myself sometimes wondering if my tablet is broken, or if my internet connection is flakey or if my tablet or phone has a virus. I sit for longer than I’d like to admit to myself, trying to get apps to update. I find that some apps will update, and some just won’t . No matter how many times I try, no matter how close to the router I sit. Nothing
Update Failed
Well I figured out why the apps sometimes will not update on my Android devices.
I moved them to the micro-SD card.
That simple.
You move the apps to the micro-SD card and for some reason, Android forgets how to function.
When installed on SD card, sometimes Android has trouble updating the apps, sometimes has trouble even running the apps.

Here’s how to get the apps to update.(extreme case)
You have to move them back to the phone , then uninstall them.
Format your micro-SD card.
Take the micro-SD card out, reboot your Android and then reinstall the apps.
Then reinstall the micro-SD .
You should be done.
If you want to move the apps back to the micro-SD card, that’s all up to you.

You could see Update Failed  again though.

I however will not be moving apps to my micro-SD card on my android. and will not be buying a large capacity micro-SD with my next Android purchase. There’s no reason for me to.
You can keep your Update Failed  notices.