What the Inside of a Solid State Drive looks Like

Unopened SSD

Have you ever wondered what the Inside of a Solid State Drive looks Like?
I have.

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List of Undesirable Programs on a windows 8 computer.

After removal of these undesirable programs that could very-well be malware or viruses, the computer is running like brand new again.
I don’t even advise going to the websites of these software because if they are a virus or malware, then your probability of getting these again is quite high.

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Custom Lollipop Rom Testing – Videos


Motorola Moto G First Generation XT1031 from Boost Mobile

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3d Mapping your WiFi


Have you ever wondered why you get a super strong signal from your WiFi then suddenly what seems like nearly no signal at all, out of nowhere?

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Does Simple Mobile block Cricket Pictures?

cricket_androidOkay, first encounter of this so i have to know if others are experiencing the same issue.
I have been sending pictures with my cricket phone to a female friend of mine who is using Simple Mobile and she has not been responding to them. So i ask her why she doesn’t respond and she says she never got them. She is sure it is cricket messing up. So I test sending her pictures with my work phone which is on Verizon and the pictures send fine. Next I send pictures from my Cricket phone to my Verizon phone and from Verizon phone to my Cricket phone and all goes well. Yet not one picture received to the Simple Mobile network.

From what i see all sms text messages transfer fine and fast but to send a picture from Cricket to simple mobile, no go.

Now understand that I am on the version of Cricket that uses the AT&T GSM sim card, not the old Cricket with no sim card (except 4g) using CDMA network.

So if you are experiencing or not experiencing this please respond below so I get a grip on what is happening.



I contacted Cricket and this is the tip they gave me to check my my APN settings to verify i am connected correctly. Sadly I am connected correctly. but nonetheless

Cricket Help:  I will send you the APN settings , but this will work just for Cricket devices
Cricket Helps:  Tap Settings > Mobile Networks (or Mobile Data) > Access Point Names > New APN (may have to tap Menu button to see this option).
Enter the following APN info:
Name: Internet
APN: ndo
Proxy: Not Set
Port: Not Set
Username: Not Set
Password: Not Set
Server: Not Set
MMSC: http://mmsc.aiowireless.net MMS
Proxy: proxy.aiowireless.net
MMS Port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 150
Authentication type: Not Set
APN type: default,mms,fota,hipri,supl
Note: on the above APN type be sure to enter it exactly as it is listed& don’t include any spaces!
Tap Save for the new APN.
Go back one screen to the APN list and tap the dot to enable this APN.
Reboot the device.
Test data and MMS.

Nope, did not work.

ZTE Z740G Camera VS Iphone 4S Camera

Decided to do a test between the ZTE Z740G Camera and the iPhone 4S Camera.
My test was to set both cameras at their full setting and full resolution and take one long distance photograph of the Houston downtown skyline and one close up photo within downtown Houston. To see how the cameras handle the lighting and what would be in focus and out of focus. and to go head to head between two phones in total different budgets. The iPhone 4s was quite expensive when it was released, while the ZTE Z740G was very cheap. Less than 1/4 the price of the iPhone.
To be as fair as I could, I also picked the exact same point as the focus point, and rested the cameras on the same objects.
The photos came out at very similar angles.


From what I see, the iPhone pictures came out darker and more grainy looking, while the Android pictures came out brighter but slightly blurrier.

The distance Skyline photos I have to give to the Android ZTE Z740G. Though they aren’t much better, they aren’t dark and weirdly gloomy. yet the iPhone image allows a tad more zoom and a clearer focus.

The close up photos I have to give to the iPhone 4. Especially when you look at the windows of the building to the left. You see the details in the curtains and the depth of the window area between the glass and the curtains.

After some time, I realize there are a few more types of photographs i could have taken to better test the two phones. Issue with that is the review would get long and bloated with pictures. So i decided to take just two photos of some coins up close with each phone. and not use flash
Android ZTE Z740G

iPhone 4S

again one image comes out blurrier and brighter while the other comes in dark and slightly more focus yet grainy.

Truth is, neither has a good camera. and this whole test is only good if you are trying to pick between the ZTE or the iPhone 4. Other than that, it would be in your best interest to find something else to compare these two phones by.

The disk is offline because it has a signature collision with another drive that is online


I figured out how to resolve the issue in Disk Management in computer management.

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10 reasons people stick with Facebook

There are many reasons people do not leave Facebook or at least try other social websites. Such as Reddit or Google plus or even twitter. But the number one truth is, the deep down the most common is the #1 reason in this list.
I myself stayed for 8 long useless years but I did try other social websites instead of just Facebook alone. And ya know what? They all were fun. Especially during the boring times when no one posted updates to Facebook. Or during the constant bombardment of memes and no one actually talking. During the times of endless farmville and similar games invites.
I was always looking for a way out of Facebook. And well. Now that I am banned or suspended until I show them my i.d. (same thing for all I care, and yes they are requesting my i.d.) I feel less stressed out. I feel less fake. I feel less like I am trying to prove something.
I’m free really.

10. They use Facebook for specific reasons .
9. They somehow think Facebook is safer than other websites.
8. They believe Facebook is more than a chatsite because of very common features.
7. They have elder freinds who are hard to transplant to a new site and it would be hard to explain the privacy issues.
6. They have many pictures stored on Facebook.
5. They dont want to start their games over.
4. It is their home page.
3. They have already accepted so much privacy intrusion and don’t feel like giving up so much privacy to yet another website.
2. They can barely use Facebook and don’t want to learn a new site.
1. They don’t want to rebuild their fake freinds list again.

There are alternatives to Facebook. You just have to find them.

First Week Review of Comcast Xfinity X1 cable and internet

I have had a week to test out the x1 boxes, here is my review of Xfinity’s X1 package.

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