What’s in a Hard Drive

These are the parts inside of a hard drive.
If you have ever wondered what’s inside the hard drive in your computer.
That’s a 1 tb hard drive taken apart.

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So… What is Cryptolocker? Cryptolocker is like all ransomware of the past. In fact it looks just like antivirus 2012 except. Cryptolocker comes right out and says “hey we locked down your file, pay us and we will unlock your file, if you do not pay us, we will delete the password that we have on file for you file and you pretty well screwed forever”.

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Why Microsoft is pushing windows 8

Though the world would like to use windows 7 and continue running their computers the way they are used to , and continue being familiar with their desktops and computing atmosphere

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Facebook Picture Tagging Issue

truxtertechFacebook, the website that allows you to upload pictures, and videos. The website that allows you to connect with friends. This place has additional functions such as marking the location you are and tagging friends that are with you when you post. There is also the ability to tag a photo of someone.
You can tag as many people as you feel like tagging in one location or one picture or in a picture that also has their location stated with a check-in.

The Problem
The issue with pictures being tagged with unsuspecting people in them, is it’s never a picture the victims like. EXAMPLES: Facebook Etiquette
facebook picture tagging is bad and it is a horrible change in our culture where someone else can give up your privacy. Any respecting person would not upload anyone’s picture to the internet without their permission. It does not matter if the person/victim already uploaded that same picture to their own profile. It is no one’s right to take that picture and then upload it to the internet where it will sit until the person who uploaded the picture decides to take the picture down. Some of us if we upload a picture of ourselves, we should have full rights to delete said picture if some day we notice something we do not like about that picture. No one should have that over anyone on the internet.
Far too much bullying can go on with a picture of someone going live on the internet, and everyone seeing that picture until the victim logs in and goes through the rigorous steps to have that photo removed.
Misleading pictures can be uploaded and cause divorces.
Parents disowning.
Showing a stalker where someone is.
Showing a bully where someone is.
Giving a bully a picture to work with while harassing the victim

Collages of friends, are stupid.. Stop it.what is this, 2006?

The fix
The fix for most of the issues, is if someone tags you in a photo, that photo should not be allowed to go live until you accept it.
Basically, the photo just won’t be seen by anyone but the person who uploaded it, and the people that are tagged in the photo. Many may allow it and accept the tag, but it still will not be seen by the victim’s friends and family, until the victim allows it.
This would stop the tag spam too.

Getting Microsoft Office Keyboard to work on Windows 7 64 bit

I have tried the AutoHotkey.exe program and did all of the set up stuff that everyone talks about and made a custom as was instructed by other users and even added the scroll and Zoom functions as stated by others

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Prescription Benifits spam scam text message

scam text message I received . I do not recommend that you call or text or even come close to responding to this.

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Skycaddie SGX – Review

Boss asked me to to set up his Skycaddie SGX gold course GPS device from a company called SkyGolf.

So confused as to who would be the provider of such service I said “Sure why not”.
to say the least, the website was nothing fun to navigate.

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Receive a Free $250 Gift Voucher from Kroger – Fake Facebook

fake kroger scam

Receive a Free $250 Gift Voucher from Kroger – Fake Facebook

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Snapchat Review

Review of snapchat. A picture sharing application that seems to have a mild popularity amongst the newbies of tech.. People who don’t realize instagram, photobucket, imgur, facebook,twitter and the like already let you privately share images with specific people. but the software leaves the impression that you set a timer for your friend to be able to see the image, then poof, the photo is magically gone all of the sudden.
Snapchat is stupid.

No matter what a website says…. they always save the content you put on their servers. and we can download the images or screen shot them anyway.. so just send the damn thing to your friends… or use facebook or twitter.

The market is way to covered for this stupid app.

Parents, if you see a little ghost icon on your kid’s phone… Then you kid is sharing images they don’t want you to know about. and they think they have some catch 22 (remember when we thought every law’s kryptonite was us thinking we had this?) clause that makes them safer with this app. remove that app from their phone and threaten to give them a flip phone.. Or just give them a flip phone.

Snapchat  Review score
Usability of the snapchat: 7/10
need for snapchat  : 1/10
practiclity of the snapchat : 3/10

End score 3/10