Tiger Direct is Shutting Down

Tiger Direct has announced they will be closing their doors and have sold to a company named PCM
After years of service and supply, Tiger Direct will no longer be Tiger Direct
Email I got from my affiliate program reads as

Farewell and Thank You – TigerDirect US Shutting Down

Dear TruXter budget Tech Review,

Happy New Year! We hope this year is off to a good start for you.

It is difficult to believe it has been over 10 years that TigerDirect has been on the Rakuten Affiliate Network and it is with a heavy heart that we write to you for the final time.

On November 18, 2015, Systemax Inc. and PCM Inc. entered into an agreement for TigerDirect to be acquired by PCM and the acquisition closed on December 1st , 2015. The full details of the announcement are available here:


As of today, January 14th 2016 the TigerDirect program via Rakuten Linkshare will be suspended and no future commissions will be available. We will be ensuring that all commissions earned prior to this announcement are paid via your regular monthly publisher payments.

We advise you our partners to remove all TigerDirect links, as commissions from this moment on cannot be guaranteed and our support staff to field any questions will be winding down over the coming days.

In closing, it has been our pleasure to have you as our partner. While today is certainly not our favorite as it is indeed an end, every end is also a beginning. Through your help, we have created happy customers and produced sales in excess of numbers too large to comprehend over the past decade. We thank you for being a part of this and wish nothing but the best to come!

Best regards,
The TigerDirect Family

I had been an affiliate with Tiger Direct for more than 5 years.
I have been a customer of Tiger Direct for about 10 years.
And now, the online computer parts store will close.
This coming several years after they bought out Compusa and shut their doors.

I do find a PCM website and they sell computer related items, but they do not look large enough to buy out TigerDirect.com. Who knows how that works

Farewell Compusa, Farewell Tiger Direct.

How To Disable Updates Windows 10

Typically you want windows update to always be on and automatic.
But in the tech world of a serviceman who installs devices that depend on windows functions to not change much, an update could lead to the obsoletion of your device. This makes your product no longer work with windows ten. all you can do at that point is either uninstall the latest update and hope that windows sends a better update that fixes the issue. With windows ten, the updates happen often and without your control.

Here’s the only method I have to disable updates on windows 10 to prevent updates from disabling your external devices.
dissable_windows_update (1) Open Control panel
To do this, Go to your folder browser, then in the address bar of the folder browser type in “control Panel” and press enter.

dissable_windows_update (2)Change Category View to small Icons.
Top right corner of control panel is a drop down menu like what you see in the picture here.

dissable_windows_update (3) open Administrative Tools.
Your control panel icons should be in alphabetic order. Administrative tools is the top left – first icon.

dissable_windows_update (4) Open Services

dissable_windows_update (5) Organize list by name

dissable_windows_update (7) Right click on windows update and select properties

dissable_windows_update (10) Disable start up by clicking the drop down menu by “Start up type” now click “Stop” and click “apply” then “Ok”. I like to set mine to start up type “manual” so I don’t have to go through a whole lot if I want to do a quick update. That’s up to you.

This should disable windows updates on Windows 10

To verify the updates are disabled
dissable_windows_update (12) Head to start menu and click on Settings
dissable_windows_update (13) Click on Update & Security

Now try to do an update.


This How-to seems to stop all updates, manual updates and automatic updates. So far I haven’t had any issues, but you may so be careful and make sure you know how to reverse this (likely do exact steps but backward) before you try and disable windows 10 updates.

About the New “Hoverboards” – Rant

So I saw this 19-20 year old dude with his dreadlocks weave thing in his hair, sputtering down the street blocking traffic at like 1 mile an hour. all I could see was his head and shoulders over the car in front of me. He looked to be about 7 feet. His head wasn’t bobbing like a person walking, and having long hair. His hair wasn’t swinging at all. I figured he must be on a unicycle and just poor at it,because he wasn’t going fast at all.
As I passed the guy I saw he was on this device that had only two wheels. One on either side of his feet. He was just standing on it and I assumed he was rolling down hill. Down a very shallow hill. He was just puttering.. Stupid slow.
I get home and forget about the thing. Until I see it again. My girlfriend is riding with me and she says ” Oh look a hoverboard”. Shocked I look around only to see some guy, on that same stupid thing. I said ” That’s not a hoverboard, that’s a skate thingy”. She looks at me like an idiot and we don’t discuss it again.
A week or two goes by and now it’s everywhere. Hoverbaord this, hoverboard that.
The thing does not hover.
The thing is not a board.

At best it’s a motorized skate stick.
A roller stick.

Now the thing is catching on fire randomly, and it is getting reported in all major news that this $400 skate stick is is a fiery piece of crap.
So now every parent has to buy their kid a skate stick. For Christmas.

So far the only thing I see that skate stick thing good for is… is a smooth ride so guys don’t mess up their man weaves.

Office Items Crash After Windows 10 Upgrade

After first trying 5 other computers on the windows 10 upgrade and all going successfully, until 6th computer.
after upgrading the 6th computer to Windows 10, no Microsoft office programs want to work. Excel crashes imediatly after opening, outlook was the first crash. We tried to send an email and clicked the outlook icon, outlook opened for a breif moment. Maybe 2 seconds, then closed. No errors.

We then tried word and excel and got the same thing. We then tried to use the safe mode command “excel.exe /safe”. This did not and gave us a crash notice.

As of right now we find no solution to why outlook is crashing when we launch it or any office program.

Will build website for money to buy project car

I’m wanting to start a new project car.
Since I don’t ever build cars from money, this project car will be entirely bought and built using money I make from building websites for people.

Been building websites since 1998. And have built countless sites for cash.
Now willing to build a site and have that cash actually used for something I want.
Cheap sites,complex sites. All are welcome.
Tell me what you need and give me a deadline I’ll bid you a price that will likely not get matched.

So help me build this car and I’ll post pictures of the progress.

Comment below and I will contact you.
All comments are moderated so no information will be public on this post.

Should You Make Videos of Your Products?

You have your products and you have your storefront. Be it brick and mortar  or a website with a shopping cart, or both. You have been paying for advertisements and the ads have been paying off. You want to sell more of your products. You want to know if making a video of your products would be beneficial for your business.
Well it can be. and that would all depend on what you put into your video.
You can’t just hold a camera in front of an object and upload the video and expect the product to sell. You have to give the viewers what they came to see.

You are selling a remote control car.
You can’t just aim your camera at the car while it sits on the counter or floor and does nothing.
Inform the potential customers about your product
Tell the viewers how easy to turn the car on and off can be. Show it’s take off speed, show it’s stopping speed. Show how the car can turn.  Show how long the batteries last.
The majority of the searches for video content about your product is them wanting to see it do things, and do them well.

Use good lighting. at all times make sure your product is visible. No need in driving a toy car around in the dark. No one will see it.

Did I say be informative?
Be informative. people looking to see how long the battery lasts, want to know how long the battery lasts. If they do not find that information in your video they will scoot along for the next similar product.

Yes, making a video of your product can get you more sells.
Should You Make Videos of Your Products? Some products a video might not help. what products would that be? i haven’t a clue. I can see myself looking up a video to how good a brand of paper is. For the sake odds, there has to be some products that won’t do so well in video form, what they are I haven’t a clue.

Burn a CD or DVD when you don’t have the software

So you have a windows computer, and the computer has a cd burner or dvd burner on it. you’ve looked all around the software and can not find nero or power dvd/cyberlink or any other software known for burning discs.

There’s a good fix and it is free.

It is called CDburnerXP
The name clearly has been around since the windows , and yes the name reflects a time long gone. Clearly they didn’t think ahead when they started the project. doesn’t matter what the name, the software is lightweight, easy to use and does exactly what is expected. Burns your cd or dvd. Will burn either one and seems to work with any brand of typical burner. The burner software even comes with dvd intro selections.

How to burn a CD with CDBurner Xp
Install CDBurner Xp
Insert  a CD into your CD burner on your computer
You should get a menu asking you what you want to do with  the new blank disk. Select the CDBurnerXP option.
Next menu asks you what type of disc are you trying to create. If it’s just files to back up, select Data. I use this option for pictures.
If you want the disc to be  playable media select the  other options related.  but let’s do “Data” for this example.
The next window will be titled “data compilation” look near bottom left where you see the word “Disc” with a cd symbol to the left of it. Right click the word “Disc” and select “rename” from the menu. Now type the desired name of the disc your burning.
Just drag and drop the files you want to burn in the area that says “Drag and Drop Files Here”
When ready just click the burn icon, fifth from the left at the top row.
Now you just click burn. Your cd should eject when done.
Free, fact and light weight.
Been using this software for years and I tell the creator thank you every time I download it. I won’t even use name brand anymore.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below.


Good Free Virus Scanners and Antiviruses?

If you say you want “good and free” as you ask me for advice on a virus scanner or antivirus, don’t get mad at me if I tell you to remove your Avast, Kaspersky or AVG. I have zero faith in either one of those. ZERO. Simply because I have done my tests and the results were what I suspected. Garbage.
Microsoft Security essentials and Microsoft windows defender are the only antiviruses (virus protection) I recommend. Even though virus scanner and antivirus are two different things. One scans, the other monitors with a scan option.
If you want a good virus scanner then you must understand the maker of the program made it to scan and focused on scanning manually only. This is a good thing. Doesn’t bloat down your computer running scans when if it was a good virus protection, there’d be nothing to scan to begin with.
From a previous post here about virus scanners and antiviruses.
RogueKiller.exe  This will hunt down the deepest of virus.
ATF-Cleaner.exe helps clear up what’s on your computer in folders that you got locked out of in the attack. empties trash and cache and a bunch of stuff all at the same time
Spybotweak these days but doesn’t kill you to give it a scan and let it clean a few things up too.
[Microsoft Essentials Windows 7] | [Windows Defender Windows 8]..Not a bad free Virus Scanner. Works pretty good. Works best if installed before you get the virus. Protects better than any other virus scanner. Free or otherwise.
unhide.exe will get your icons back if you lost them and your files back if they disappeared when the virus hit you.
Malwarebytes– free and good strong software
Super Anti-Spyware – Stupid name, great product. oh and it has a free version.
Emergency Kit Scanner – I use this one anytime a friend calls me for help
MVP’s Hosts – block your computer from accessing known virus site. Stops advertisements too. Not a virus scanner or antivirus in teh sense of realtime protection, but still a good addition.

The basic rule of internet safety is watching out for the b.y.c.a.k. virus. b.y.c.a.k. = between your chair and keyboard.
this means, don’t open weird emails. Don’t go to weird websites. Don’t click impulse click bait links on Facebook or twitter or the like.

Remember these and you have a better chance than 75% of the people on the internet.

Still no matter how safe you are, you can still get a virus from legitimate uses of your computer on the internet. If this happens, then be wise and either  wipe and reinstall windows, or take the time to run every  program in the link above (this is so much more fun and feels very accomplished in the end). Don’t forget to update the programs and do it again all week long, just to be sure.

Setting up EnGenius ENH500

Tried for over a week to get two ENH500 devices to to connect with each other so I could test out their capabilities and put them in tough positions for upcoming projects with the company I work for.
Found a few videos on youtube that showed me how to set up static I.p. addresses on my pc. Which is exactly what’s in the pdf and brochure from the manufacture.
I had to turn to the tech support and see if they can get me the information I need for Setting up my ENH500 devices.

Device #1

Step 1: Log into device #1 (, both user name and password are admin). You will need
to set your computer to a static IP address in the same subnet like

Step 2: Go to “Operation Mode” and change mode to “WDS Bridge” and also select Country code and Accept change.

Step 3: In “WDS Link Settings” set security type and key (we recommend AES). Then below on the same page, enable
ID field 1 and enter the Wireless MAC address of device #2 (the other device). The Wireless MAC address can be found
by looking at the serial label on the back of the unit. It will be the one on the top. After you’re done, hit “Accept”.
Note: You can also find the Wireless MAC address of a unit on the “Main” page when logged into the unit.

Step 4: Go to “Wireless Network” and change channel to 149, 153, 157, or 161 (USA) and Accept change.

Step 5: In “Administration” change the default user name and password (if desired).

Sept 7: In “IP Settings” change the IP address to a new, unused, static IP address on the same subnet and also
enter the default gateway (example if router is

Step 8: Apply all changes by selecting “Save/Reload” (IP address, user name and password and all other changes will
now actually take effect).

Step 9: Leave this unit powered on and move to device #2 (see next page).

Device #2 (Do this while device #1 is on and next to you, not installed at the remote location yet).

Step 1: Log into device #2 (, both user name and password are admin). You will need
to set your computer to a static IP address in the same subnet like

Step 2: Go to “Operation Mode” and change mode to “WDS Bridge” and also select Country code and Accept change.

Step 3: In “WDS Link Settings” set security type and key (we recommend AES). Then below on the same page, enable
ID field 1 and enter the Wireless MAC address of device #1 (the other device). The Wireless MAC address can be found
by looking at the serial label on the back of the unit. It will be the one on the top. After you’re done, hit “Accept”.
Note: You can also find the Wireless MAC address of a unit on the “Main” page when logged into the unit.

Step 4: Go to “Wireless Network” and change channel to the same channel as device #1 and Accept change.

Step 5: In “Administration” change the default user name and password (if desired).

Sept 7: In “IP Settings” change the IP address to a new, unused, static IP address on the same subnet and also
enter the default gateway (example if router is Do not use the same IP address as device #1.

Step 8: Apply all changes by selecting “Save/Reload”. All changes will now actually take effect.

Step 9: Go to “WDS Link List” and verify link is UP.

Step 10: Install unit at remote location. Go to “WDS Link List” again and verify link is UP and RSSI signal.
-59dBm or better = excellent, -60dBm to -69dBm = good, -70dBm to -79dBm = good, -80dBm or worse = fair to poor.
Verify speed and connectivity etc. If everything tests good, you are done (connect the camera now).

Note: Output power should be the same as device #1. Default power is 20dBm. Turn it up only if RSSI is low
(in “Wireless Advanced Settings”). Add a network switch to connect multiple Ethernet devices at the remote
bridge (if desired). The secondary Ethernet port is “pass through” only, no POE power is available.

Here’s the video from EnGenius
In the test portion of this article I will number the devices by how far from the network they are up to my pc which will be plugged into device #3. So Device 1 is feeding network connection to device #2. Device #2 will be feeding network connection from device #1 to device #3 which my pc is plugged into.

The tests performed
Close Range – Two ENH500 devices sitting less than a foot apart. Signal level was at -3. Which i would have guessed would have been at 0 since there was nothing to interfere.
Line of site – Separated by about 20 feet. Used three EnGenius devices. One connected to the switch next to me to connect to the network, one across the room to receive signal from the first device and one connected to my computer to to connect to the second device. signal strength was -16 and -23.

Obstructed view – Turn all three devices away from each other. No two faced each other. Signal strength -26 and -28.

Very Obstructed view – Took the second ENH500 downstairs and placed it behind a small refrigerator and faced it away from the other devices then the faced the other devices away from that one.Distance about 30 feet. Signal strength -34 -40
Daisy chain around obstruction – Placed device 1 at the office modem down stairs. Device 2 in the storage warehouse area, device three still at my pc. Distance from enh500 #1 to #2 approximately 60 feet, Distance to device #3 from device #2 Approximately 45 feet. Signal strength -47 -52.

Mesh – Turned on all three devices and allowed them all to see and communicate with each other. Had fail to connect. This test is on pause until I figure out where I went wrong.
Worst case Scenario– Took device #2 across the lot into another unit, and plugged in and set it on top of their refrigerator behind a tv. Failed to connect. Distance roughly 120 feet from Device #1 to device #2. Distance from device #2 to Device #3 Roughly 135 feet.

On the final test (worst case scenario) I could not detect device #2. I had to unplug from device #3 and connect myself back into the office network and then log into device #1 to see what the signal was reading. Signal -88. This was through 3 offices,a metal building with brick face and tinted glass, through company vehicles parked in front, across the driveway through more vehicles,brick,tinted glass, an office, a cross path hallway, kitchen wall, to a device laying on a refrigerator behind a tv.

Line of site on a pole, with no obstruction, doesn’t seem like it’s going to be too strict.

Control Panel Windows 10

Took a while to locate control panel on windows 10.
Found it.
Found that “settings” thing but that seems useless for what I need to do.
For those of you who want to get your control panel back, what you can do is either of two things.  You can navigate to the system32 folder and look for control.exe right click and add to start or add to taskbar or you can right click and create shortcut and move that to the desktop

Or you can cut out the searching and create a shortcut right there on desktop without digging through your folders and files.
Like this

Right click desktop and select “Create Shortcut”

Target= C:\Windows\System32\control.exe

Start in= C:\WINDOWS\system32

After that I just open control panel and change to small icons. This way I get all of my old control panel icons back like  they have always been since windows 95.