Why Android Apps Sometimes Won’t Update

I find myself sometimes wondering if my tablet is broken, or if my internet connection is flakey or if my tablet or phone has a virus. I sit for longer than I’d like to admit to myself, trying to get apps to update. I find that some apps will update, and some just won’t . No matter how many times I try, no matter how close to the router I sit. Nothing
Update Failed
Well I figured out why the apps sometimes will not update on my Android devices.
I moved them to the micro-SD card.
That simple.
You move the apps to the micro-SD card and for some reason, Android forgets how to function.
When installed on SD card, sometimes Android has trouble updating the apps, sometimes has trouble even running the apps.

Here’s how to get the apps to update.(extreme case)
You have to move them back to the phone , then uninstall them.
Format your micro-SD card.
Take the micro-SD card out, reboot your Android and then reinstall the apps.
Then reinstall the micro-SD .
You should be done.
If you want to move the apps back to the micro-SD card, that’s all up to you.

You could see Update Failed  again though.

I however will not be moving apps to my micro-SD card on my android. and will not be buying a large capacity micro-SD with my next Android purchase. There’s no reason for me to.
You can keep your Update Failed  notices.

Social Media and Sharing with Your Friends

No one will call you a liar or call you out if you like and share a friend’s website, article or event page. You are not too good to help a friend and your other friends are not too good to see you share that post. Facebook and Twitter are not just for posting funny memes, inspirational pictures or helpful quotes. Your friends will not analyze your likes and shares. They will look to see if it is worth them sharing and liking too. Who knows, maybe you don’t think much of it, but one of your other friends might like the post and share it too, or even purchase the content.

If you see a friend posting from their website or personal company page, share that stuff for them. If you like what your friend is sharing then, by all means, share that stuff. If you don’t like it but you see your friend struggling to get the word out about what they have to offer, share that stuff. If you see a friend post an event, even if it’s an event about watching paint dry, share it. If your friend shares something and you don’t share it or comment on it or click the like button, but within the next day or…well, in any day after that for the rest of your friendship, you share that same exact content, but from the page of someone famous – you are not a thoughtful friend. You are someone helping promote the content of someone who does not need help and will not appreciate it.

If you think one of your friends might like the content your other friend is promoting then share it. Help.

When your friend shares content on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn, they are getting the maximum amount of visibility they can from their limited amount of friends. If 10% of their friends would share the same content, the visibility of that content would increase ten fold.

See, there is another article on the sister site talking about band promotions and how so many people will post on the event page saying why they can not come; and, no one sharing the article. It’s the “Invite Etiquette” post. This was the inspiration of this article. I wrote that article a couple of years back and I tagged all of the musicians I saw who I know have posted events and the page was full of people saying, “Sorry, working Kool-Aid stand with senile neighbor’s cousin’s favorite teacher”. I prefer to say nothing if too busy to comment or, “Bad ass. Hell yeah,” then private message my excuse. “Sorry…rectal exam that day because I’m an a$&ho1e”. Blah. blah, blah.

The issue I have here is, never has a musician shared that post. The best I got was one comment and maybe a like or two. Sure it might come off rude if a musician shared that link. That would only happen if the musician didn’t add a funny quip like, “HAHAHA – Someone is fed up,” etc.

Share your friend’s stuff. Don’t leave this type of exposure for just the scammers and spammers. Help your friend get exposure. It costs you one maybe two clicks. That’s it *click click*, then end. Done. You are now a friend that cares.

This goes for Twitter and LinkedIn. How does your broke friend with, what they think is a great idea, get seen or have half a chance if you, a “friend”, won’t even like, share or at least comment on what they have to expose to the world. Tweet that stuff on Twitter. Like and share that on Facebook and LinkedIn. Help your friend before your friend has to see someone else with a bigger, tighter group of friends steal his idea, which you will likely share at that point.

New SEO Tactics Seem Spammy

Web site SEO tactics have changed in the past 3-5 years. Tactics of getting their sites up front and high traffic that seem to be less than, well let’s say “Honorable”.
I was looking to see why some of my posts have no traffic. I was searching for tips to keep myself fresh and ran into endless posts on the first few pages of my search that were just appalling compared to ethics codes of web design. Such as those annoying popups that people have on their sites that seem to come up when you are trying to leave the site. The popups that say “Wait don’t go just yet” and then offer some pointless coupon to a product that you no longer trust because it seems the site is using some sort of intelligent software that tracks your mouse and is scheduled to come up when you try to close a tab or hit the back button. Well that is in fact what they are doing. So um, yeah, I don’t trust those types of sites and instantly close the tab/page. and you should too.

Weird redefinition of common items. AKA Double Talkin Jive
Infographic – Sounds like a great word that has scales and graphs. Right? nope. Just means Relevant picture that gives the readers a visual of your page.
Responsive site – Means the site changes shapes and size as you use a different display dimension.

Content increases page navigation
Slide shows – The site is designed for images to be seen and the first page is titled “700 top funniest pictures on the internet”. You give it a go and the page loads slow as mud because of all of the Ads populating and the image is the first image leading to a joke. now you have to click the “next” button” which in theory should take you to another page so you can see the rest of the page. Nope just loads the same image with more pre-joke garbage and another 5 minutes of ads loading. Five clicks later you see the joke yet there is still a “next” button, for the next joke. Nope. I am now thoroughly frustrated and will not be back. and wish I could submit your site to a list of sites to be blocked, so I can help prevent people from wasting their time.
No one wants to click through a slide show to eventually get what they came for.

Calling their site a blog when it it’s more of an internet infomercial
Get a link to a site and it is presented to you as a blog but turns out to just be a website selling you get rich quick material, but written in a manor that seems makes you “feel like the writer is just like you”. The writer is not. The writer is just skilled at writing that way.

Hacked accounts spamming social sites
Those links you click that steal your passwords, were created to gather up popular accounts and confirmed accounts and spam links to the followers. Those accounts will stay hacked for weeks, months and sometimes forever. The garbage they post will be to get traffic to junk websites.
Reddit is notorious for having people with multiple accounts upvoting (click the “agree with” button) their own content and then downvoting (disapproval button) all other content submitted with in the same time frame so their content is seen the most.

Click bait
Titles for clicks- Content lacks. “Three guys meet a dragon you won’t believe what happens next”. “Man finds kitten, you won’t believe what happens next”.
How about some content and a title that doesn’t tell me what I will or won’t believe next.

Using apps that “consolidate your work effort” such as contact email blasts and such. Dude that is spam.

Using the pop-ups that say “wait don’t leave until you hear about this”. Dude that is a pop up. stop it. Stop trying to make that a thing. That just makes people leave faster and never come back.

What’s with the new pages looking like MSN 1998 ? No defined lines, just one table in the center of the page.

Meme Battles, yep it’s a thing

I found myself in what is called a “meme battle” on Facebook last night.
Considering it was Facebook, the whole battle thing was some dude and all of his stock piled memes. None had anything to do with the conversation. None of the memes had any consistency, other than name calling and cussing. There was no flow to his posts. Just cussing and posting about how bad he burned me.
I on the other-hand took a slower approach and told a story with the memes.
He never understood it. Probably because he is a Facebook user at the peak of his computer knowledge and meme understanding. In his crowd I am sure he is “Hax0r”. or some mislabeled glorified pointless identification for his blatant a.d.d. stream of turrets memes.
I never got around to posting an old article I wrote about having consistency and or originality to your meme usage. One of those “Woulda Shoulda Coulda” things. Random image guy on facebook
folks, if you intend to post memes on Facebook, be consistent, have a story and relate to the topic. Not just random onslaught of pictures that you think “burn someone”.

Tiger Direct is Shutting Down

Tiger Direct has announced they will be closing their doors and have sold to a company named PCM
After years of service and supply, Tiger Direct will no longer be Tiger Direct
Email I got from my affiliate program reads as

Farewell and Thank You – TigerDirect US Shutting Down

Dear TruXter budget Tech Review,

Happy New Year! We hope this year is off to a good start for you.

It is difficult to believe it has been over 10 years that TigerDirect has been on the Rakuten Affiliate Network and it is with a heavy heart that we write to you for the final time.

On November 18, 2015, Systemax Inc. and PCM Inc. entered into an agreement for TigerDirect to be acquired by PCM and the acquisition closed on December 1st , 2015. The full details of the announcement are available here:


As of today, January 14th 2016 the TigerDirect program via Rakuten Linkshare will be suspended and no future commissions will be available. We will be ensuring that all commissions earned prior to this announcement are paid via your regular monthly publisher payments.

We advise you our partners to remove all TigerDirect links, as commissions from this moment on cannot be guaranteed and our support staff to field any questions will be winding down over the coming days.

In closing, it has been our pleasure to have you as our partner. While today is certainly not our favorite as it is indeed an end, every end is also a beginning. Through your help, we have created happy customers and produced sales in excess of numbers too large to comprehend over the past decade. We thank you for being a part of this and wish nothing but the best to come!

Best regards,
The TigerDirect Family

I had been an affiliate with Tiger Direct for more than 5 years.
I have been a customer of Tiger Direct for about 10 years.
And now, the online computer parts store will close.
This coming several years after they bought out Compusa and shut their doors.

I do find a PCM website and they sell computer related items, but they do not look large enough to buy out TigerDirect.com. Who knows how that works

Farewell Compusa, Farewell Tiger Direct.

How To Disable Updates Windows 10

Typically you want windows update to always be on and automatic.
But in the tech world of a serviceman who installs devices that depend on windows functions to not change much, an update could lead to the obsoletion of your device. This makes your product no longer work with windows ten. all you can do at that point is either uninstall the latest update and hope that windows sends a better update that fixes the issue. With windows ten, the updates happen often and without your control.

Here’s the only method I have to disable updates on windows 10 to prevent updates from disabling your external devices.
dissable_windows_update (1) Open Control panel
To do this, right click your start menu button or go to your folder browser, then in the address bar of the folder browser type in “control Panel” and press enter.

dissable_windows_update (2)Change Category View to small Icons.
Top right corner of control panel is a drop down menu like what you see in the picture here.

dissable_windows_update (3) open Administrative Tools.
Your control panel icons should be in alphabetic order. Administrative tools is the top left – first icon.

dissable_windows_update (4) Open Services

dissable_windows_update (5) Organize list by name

dissable_windows_update (7) Right click on windows update and select properties

dissable_windows_update (10) Disable start up by clicking the drop down menu by “Start up type” now click “Stop” and click “apply” then “Ok”. I like to set mine to start up type “manual” so I don’t have to go through a whole lot if I want to do a quick update. That’s up to you.

This should disable windows updates on Windows 10

To verify the updates are disabled
dissable_windows_update (12) Head to start menu and click on Settings
dissable_windows_update (13) Click on Update & Security

Now try to do an update.


This How-to seems to stop all updates, manual updates and automatic updates. So far I haven’t had any issues, but you may so be careful and make sure you know how to reverse this (likely do exact steps but backward) before you try and disable windows 10 updates.

About the New “Hoverboards” – Rant

So I saw this 19-20 year old dude with his dreadlocks weave thing in his hair, sputtering down the street blocking traffic at like 1 mile an hour. all I could see was his head and shoulders over the car in front of me. He looked to be about 7 feet. His head wasn’t bobbing like a person walking, and having long hair. His hair wasn’t swinging at all. I figured he must be on a unicycle and just poor at it,because he wasn’t going fast at all.
As I passed the guy I saw he was on this device that had only two wheels. One on either side of his feet. He was just standing on it and I assumed he was rolling down hill. Down a very shallow hill. He was just puttering.. Stupid slow.
I get home and forget about the thing. Until I see it again. My girlfriend is riding with me and she says ” Oh look a hoverboard”. Shocked I look around only to see some guy, on that same stupid thing. I said ” That’s not a hoverboard, that’s a skate thingy”. She looks at me like an idiot and we don’t discuss it again.
A week or two goes by and now it’s everywhere. Hoverbaord this, hoverboard that.
The thing does not hover.
The thing is not a board.

At best it’s a motorized skate stick.
A roller stick.

Now the thing is catching on fire randomly, and it is getting reported in all major news that this $400 skate stick is is a fiery piece of crap.
So now every parent has to buy their kid a skate stick. For Christmas.

So far the only thing I see that skate stick thing good for is… is a smooth ride so guys don’t mess up their man weaves.

Office Items Crash After Windows 10 Upgrade

After first trying 5 other computers on the windows 10 upgrade and all going successfully, until 6th computer.
after upgrading the 6th computer to Windows 10, no Microsoft office programs want to work. Excel crashes imediatly after opening, outlook was the first crash. We tried to send an email and clicked the outlook icon, outlook opened for a breif moment. Maybe 2 seconds, then closed. No errors.

We then tried word and excel and got the same thing. We then tried to use the safe mode command “excel.exe /safe”. This did not and gave us a crash notice.

As of right now we find no solution to why outlook is crashing when we launch it or any office program.

Will build website for money to buy project car

I’m wanting to start a new project car.
Since I don’t ever build cars from money, this project car will be entirely bought and built using money I make from building websites for people.

Been building websites since 1998. And have built countless sites for cash.
Now willing to build a site and have that cash actually used for something I want.
Cheap sites,complex sites. All are welcome.
Tell me what you need and give me a deadline I’ll bid you a price that will likely not get matched.

So help me build this car and I’ll post pictures of the progress.

Comment below and I will contact you.
All comments are moderated so no information will be public on this post.

Should You Make Videos of Your Products?

You have your products and you have your storefront. Be it brick and mortar  or a website with a shopping cart, or both. You have been paying for advertisements and the ads have been paying off. You want to sell more of your products. You want to know if making a video of your products would be beneficial for your business.
Well it can be. and that would all depend on what you put into your video.
You can’t just hold a camera in front of an object and upload the video and expect the product to sell. You have to give the viewers what they came to see.

You are selling a remote control car.
You can’t just aim your camera at the car while it sits on the counter or floor and does nothing.
Inform the potential customers about your product
Tell the viewers how easy to turn the car on and off can be. Show it’s take off speed, show it’s stopping speed. Show how the car can turn.  Show how long the batteries last.
The majority of the searches for video content about your product is them wanting to see it do things, and do them well.

Use good lighting. at all times make sure your product is visible. No need in driving a toy car around in the dark. No one will see it.

Did I say be informative?
Be informative. people looking to see how long the battery lasts, want to know how long the battery lasts. If they do not find that information in your video they will scoot along for the next similar product.

Yes, making a video of your product can get you more sells.
Should You Make Videos of Your Products? Some products a video might not help. what products would that be? i haven’t a clue. I can see myself looking up a video to how good a brand of paper is. For the sake odds, there has to be some products that won’t do so well in video form, what they are I haven’t a clue.