First Week Review of Comcast Xfinity X1 cable and internet

I have had a week to test out the x1 boxes, here is my review of Xfinity’s X1 package.

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Facebook has gone too far


Facebook is now asking me to upload a copy of my Driver’s License.

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Program xfinity x1 xr2 remote done easy

Program xfinity x1 xr2 remote done easy as I can make this.

IMG_20141013_011502I just had comcast come and install my x1 boxes and xr2 remotes. The technician programmed one remote with 1 tv easily. The Comcast technician had a bit of trouble with the other remote.
The tv that the Comcast guy had trouble with is a spectra 32 inch tv.
I googled like crazy for a good while before I found the instructions I need for this remote. Since the instruction pamphlet only had 5 codes and I tried them all. I was worried. But here is how I got my xr2 remote to work with my spectra tv.

Bottom left tiny button says “set up”
Press and hold the set up button until the all power button lights up and then turns green.
Once that happens
Start tapping the channle up button.
Took me about 30-35 presses of the channel up button before the remote went through the codes and found a suitable remote code for my spectra tv. Some tvs probably take less or more.
When the xr2 finds the right code the tv will shut off. At that moment do not press the channel up button again. In fact do not press any button except the set up button. Just oress the set up button one time. After that just press the all power button. The tv should come back on. Test the xr2 remote by turning the volume up and down and power the tv off and back on.

You shoukd be good.
If the code doesnt work right start over. There may be another code built in made for your tv.

Cricket’s ZTE Sonata 4G One Month Review


My one month review of the Sonata 4G from ZTE. So my carrier got sold to AT&T and everyone who was on that carrier’s CDMA signal has to switch over to AT&T’s GSM phones.

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Facebook without the Facebook app

There is an alternative to using the Facebook app if you want to use Facebook on your mobile device.and a good alternative to Facebook app at that.

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Scam Text MSg from 18025850004

Present previous Information to pharmacist for immediate service U.S. RxCard Customer Service 866-250-8102 Call Customer Service to request cards to be mailed

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Don’t fear monger me into a new internet

mifi bandwidth

Don’t fear monger me into a new internet. Don’t tell me that I have to be scared of something new on the internet that will get me because there is no controlling it

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Verizon or Netflix throttling video streaming

So a guy decided to use a proxy (which he says is a vpn… but okay) to connect to Netflix to see if he can get his videos to stream faster.

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The Truth about What You Share on Facebook – but wait till you see what happens next


Only the internet should determine what is distasteful and disrespectful. So now that power is in your hands. Wait till you see what’s inside.

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Woman calls her ex 77000 times in a week


This is fake. She would be calling every 7.7 seconds with zero time for sleep in a week, then in the same time texting him every 12 seconds

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