Should You Make Videos of Your Products?

You have your products and you have your storefront. Be it brick and mortar  or a website with a shopping cart, or both. You have been paying for advertisements and the ads have been paying off. You want to sell more of your products. You want to know if making a video of your products would be beneficial for your business.
Well it can be. and that would all depend on what you put into your video.
You can’t just hold a camera in front of an object and upload the video and expect the product to sell. You have to give the viewers what they came to see.

You are selling a remote control car.
You can’t just aim your camera at the car while it sits on the counter or floor and does nothing.
Inform the potential customers about your product
Tell the viewers how easy to turn the car on and off can be. Show it’s take off speed, show it’s stopping speed. Show how the car can turn.  Show how long the batteries last.
The majority of the searches for video content about your product is them wanting to see it do things, and do them well.

Use good lighting. at all times make sure your product is visible. No need in driving a toy car around in the dark. No one will see it.

Did I say be informative?
Be informative. people looking to see how long the battery lasts, want to know how long the battery lasts. If they do not find that information in your video they will scoot along for the next similar product.

Yes, making a video of your product can get you more sells.
Should You Make Videos of Your Products? Some products a video might not help. what products would that be? i haven’t a clue. I can see myself looking up a video to how good a brand of paper is. For the sake odds, there has to be some products that won’t do so well in video form, what they are I haven’t a clue.

Burn a CD or DVD when you don’t have the software

So you have a windows computer, and the computer has a cd burner or dvd burner on it. you’ve looked all around the software and can not find nero or power dvd/cyberlink or any other software known for burning discs.

There’s a good fix and it is free.

It is called CDburnerXP
The name clearly has been around since the windows , and yes the name reflects a time long gone. Clearly they didn’t think ahead when they started the project. doesn’t matter what the name, the software is lightweight, easy to use and does exactly what is expected. Burns your cd or dvd. Will burn either one and seems to work with any brand of typical burner. The burner software even comes with dvd intro selections.

How to burn a CD with CDBurner Xp
Install CDBurner Xp
Insert  a CD into your CD burner on your computer
You should get a menu asking you what you want to do with  the new blank disk. Select the CDBurnerXP option.
Next menu asks you what type of disc are you trying to create. If it’s just files to back up, select Data. I use this option for pictures.
If you want the disc to be  playable media select the  other options related.  but let’s do “Data” for this example.
The next window will be titled “data compilation” look near bottom left where you see the word “Disc” with a cd symbol to the left of it. Right click the word “Disc” and select “rename” from the menu. Now type the desired name of the disc your burning.
Just drag and drop the files you want to burn in the area that says “Drag and Drop Files Here”
When ready just click the burn icon, fifth from the left at the top row.
Now you just click burn. Your cd should eject when done.
Free, fact and light weight.
Been using this software for years and I tell the creator thank you every time I download it. I won’t even use name brand anymore.

If you have any questions feel free to ask below.


Good Free Virus Scanners and Antiviruses?

If you say you want “good and free” as you ask me for advice on a virus scanner or antivirus, don’t get mad at me if I tell you to remove your Avast, Kaspersky or AVG. I have zero faith in either one of those. ZERO. Simply because I have done my tests and the results were what I suspected. Garbage.
Microsoft Security essentials and Microsoft windows defender are the only antiviruses (virus protection) I recommend. Even though virus scanner and antivirus are two different things. One scans, the other monitors with a scan option.
If you want a good virus scanner then you must understand the maker of the program made it to scan and focused on scanning manually only. This is a good thing. Doesn’t bloat down your computer running scans when if it was a good virus protection, there’d be nothing to scan to begin with.
From a previous post here about virus scanners and antiviruses.
RogueKiller.exe  This will hunt down the deepest of virus.
ATF-Cleaner.exe helps clear up what’s on your computer in folders that you got locked out of in the attack. empties trash and cache and a bunch of stuff all at the same time
Spybotweak these days but doesn’t kill you to give it a scan and let it clean a few things up too.
[Microsoft Essentials Windows 7] | [Windows Defender Windows 8]..Not a bad free Virus Scanner. Works pretty good. Works best if installed before you get the virus. Protects better than any other virus scanner. Free or otherwise.
unhide.exe will get your icons back if you lost them and your files back if they disappeared when the virus hit you.
Malwarebytes– free and good strong software
Super Anti-Spyware – Stupid name, great product. oh and it has a free version.
Emergency Kit Scanner – I use this one anytime a friend calls me for help
MVP’s Hosts – block your computer from accessing known virus site. Stops advertisements too. Not a virus scanner or antivirus in teh sense of realtime protection, but still a good addition.

The basic rule of internet safety is watching out for the b.y.c.a.k. virus. b.y.c.a.k. = between your chair and keyboard.
this means, don’t open weird emails. Don’t go to weird websites. Don’t click impulse click bait links on Facebook or twitter or the like.

Remember these and you have a better chance than 75% of the people on the internet.

Still no matter how safe you are, you can still get a virus from legitimate uses of your computer on the internet. If this happens, then be wise and either  wipe and reinstall windows, or take the time to run every  program in the link above (this is so much more fun and feels very accomplished in the end). Don’t forget to update the programs and do it again all week long, just to be sure.

Setting up EnGenius ENH500

Tried for over a week to get two ENH500 devices to to connect with each other so I could test out their capabilities and put them in tough positions for upcoming projects with the company I work for.
Found a few videos on youtube that showed me how to set up static I.p. addresses on my pc. Which is exactly what’s in the pdf and brochure from the manufacture.
I had to turn to the tech support and see if they can get me the information I need for Setting up my ENH500 devices.

Device #1

Step 1: Log into device #1 (, both user name and password are admin). You will need
to set your computer to a static IP address in the same subnet like

Step 2: Go to “Operation Mode” and change mode to “WDS Bridge” and also select Country code and Accept change.

Step 3: In “WDS Link Settings” set security type and key (we recommend AES). Then below on the same page, enable
ID field 1 and enter the Wireless MAC address of device #2 (the other device). The Wireless MAC address can be found
by looking at the serial label on the back of the unit. It will be the one on the top. After you’re done, hit “Accept”.
Note: You can also find the Wireless MAC address of a unit on the “Main” page when logged into the unit.

Step 4: Go to “Wireless Network” and change channel to 149, 153, 157, or 161 (USA) and Accept change.

Step 5: In “Administration” change the default user name and password (if desired).

Sept 7: In “IP Settings” change the IP address to a new, unused, static IP address on the same subnet and also
enter the default gateway (example if router is

Step 8: Apply all changes by selecting “Save/Reload” (IP address, user name and password and all other changes will
now actually take effect).

Step 9: Leave this unit powered on and move to device #2 (see next page).

Device #2 (Do this while device #1 is on and next to you, not installed at the remote location yet).

Step 1: Log into device #2 (, both user name and password are admin). You will need
to set your computer to a static IP address in the same subnet like

Step 2: Go to “Operation Mode” and change mode to “WDS Bridge” and also select Country code and Accept change.

Step 3: In “WDS Link Settings” set security type and key (we recommend AES). Then below on the same page, enable
ID field 1 and enter the Wireless MAC address of device #1 (the other device). The Wireless MAC address can be found
by looking at the serial label on the back of the unit. It will be the one on the top. After you’re done, hit “Accept”.
Note: You can also find the Wireless MAC address of a unit on the “Main” page when logged into the unit.

Step 4: Go to “Wireless Network” and change channel to the same channel as device #1 and Accept change.

Step 5: In “Administration” change the default user name and password (if desired).

Sept 7: In “IP Settings” change the IP address to a new, unused, static IP address on the same subnet and also
enter the default gateway (example if router is Do not use the same IP address as device #1.

Step 8: Apply all changes by selecting “Save/Reload”. All changes will now actually take effect.

Step 9: Go to “WDS Link List” and verify link is UP.

Step 10: Install unit at remote location. Go to “WDS Link List” again and verify link is UP and RSSI signal.
-59dBm or better = excellent, -60dBm to -69dBm = good, -70dBm to -79dBm = good, -80dBm or worse = fair to poor.
Verify speed and connectivity etc. If everything tests good, you are done (connect the camera now).

Note: Output power should be the same as device #1. Default power is 20dBm. Turn it up only if RSSI is low
(in “Wireless Advanced Settings”). Add a network switch to connect multiple Ethernet devices at the remote
bridge (if desired). The secondary Ethernet port is “pass through” only, no POE power is available.

Here’s the video from EnGenius
In the test portion of this article I will number the devices by how far from the network they are up to my pc which will be plugged into device #3. So Device 1 is feeding network connection to device #2. Device #2 will be feeding network connection from device #1 to device #3 which my pc is plugged into.

The tests performed
Close Range – Two ENH500 devices sitting less than a foot apart. Signal level was at -3. Which i would have guessed would have been at 0 since there was nothing to interfere.
Line of site – Separated by about 20 feet. Used three EnGenius devices. One connected to the switch next to me to connect to the network, one across the room to receive signal from the first device and one connected to my computer to to connect to the second device. signal strength was -16 and -23.

Obstructed view – Turn all three devices away from each other. No two faced each other. Signal strength -26 and -28.

Very Obstructed view – Took the second ENH500 downstairs and placed it behind a small refrigerator and faced it away from the other devices then the faced the other devices away from that one.Distance about 30 feet. Signal strength -34 -40
Daisy chain around obstruction – Placed device 1 at the office modem down stairs. Device 2 in the storage warehouse area, device three still at my pc. Distance from enh500 #1 to #2 approximately 60 feet, Distance to device #3 from device #2 Approximately 45 feet. Signal strength -47 -52.

Mesh – Turned on all three devices and allowed them all to see and communicate with each other. Had fail to connect. This test is on pause until I figure out where I went wrong.
Worst case Scenario– Took device #2 across the lot into another unit, and plugged in and set it on top of their refrigerator behind a tv. Failed to connect. Distance roughly 120 feet from Device #1 to device #2. Distance from device #2 to Device #3 Roughly 135 feet.

On the final test (worst case scenario) I could not detect device #2. I had to unplug from device #3 and connect myself back into the office network and then log into device #1 to see what the signal was reading. Signal -88. This was through 3 offices,a metal building with brick face and tinted glass, through company vehicles parked in front, across the driveway through more vehicles,brick,tinted glass, an office, a cross path hallway, kitchen wall, to a device laying on a refrigerator behind a tv.

Line of site on a pole, with no obstruction, doesn’t seem like it’s going to be too strict.

Control Panel Windows 10

Took a while to locate control panel on windows 10.
Found it.
Found that “settings” thing but that seems useless for what I need to do.
For those of you who want to get your control panel back, what you can do is either of two things.  You can navigate to the system32 folder and look for control.exe right click and add to start or add to taskbar or you can right click and create shortcut and move that to the desktop

Or you can cut out the searching and create a shortcut right there on desktop without digging through your folders and files.
Like this

Right click desktop and select “Create Shortcut”

Target= C:\Windows\System32\control.exe

Start in= C:\WINDOWS\system32

After that I just open control panel and change to small icons. This way I get all of my old control panel icons back like  they have always been since windows 95.

Why Was Windows 10 Free?

whyiswindows10freeWhy was Windows 10 Free? Why did they give us a free Windows operating system?
Well if you are skeptical like any person who has been duped into a service for longer than they’d like, you’d compare it to a drug dealer at a school giving kids a free sample. because a return customer is always right around the corner.
Look at the free windows 10 as a migration towards reoccurring revenue. If you are just renting the operating system, and just renting the apps, and renting the storage space (cloud) you will have no option but to stay because you’d be kind of stuck.
Once you’ve made a few payments, you’re already invested in this thing that will never pay off. Kinda like reddit Karma. Or world of warcraft addiction. You paid to play, you play because you paid, your score went up you got cool additional stuff for being so invested. Now you have higher score may as well pay to keep your game going, oh look! … an expansion pack, but damn I have to upgrade my tiny little service because it isn’t compatible and people will think I’m cheap.

Meanwhile you will be hogging down bandwidth and your isp will force you to pay more for larger cap.

Now you’re really $%^&ing invested. but you’ll buy a windows phone because it lets you sync your nifty gif making apps with your phone now. Well, it is all apps and cloud based. So you have to up that bandwidth level too.
Now you are super $%^&ing invested.
Now Microsoft made their “scary announcement” today. “This is the last Window Ever” (here on forbes). Then tell you it isn’t over just going to be “different” meaning more like a pay-to-play operating system.

Software makers will get more out of their leases for rights to design items for Microsoft, but instead of paying up front, Microsoft will take it out of each payment from every windows user who uses the purchased APPS. that’s right, apps. Cloud based programs that you can’t use if your internet goes down.

Here’s something I posted up about 5 years ago on the topic telling people it would be like this soon. Yeah the responses I got were pretty hateful.

Microsoft Moving us to the Cloud


Sure some people could enjoy it, but not everyone. Let’s make it a choice please. Just have two brand new Microsoft operating systems at a time. The one made by Microsoft and sold to the public, and the open source one.

Autocad Alternatives Test

Decided to try a few alternatives to AutoCAD and see if I can cut my next upgrade costs.
Here’s the list of programs I found that seemed like the best options for replacing AutoCAD
I tried a few but these are the only ones that made the list.

Specs for the test computer
Windows 7 Ultimate 64
16 gigs DDR3
AMD 6300 six-Core Processor 3.5 GHz

For test reasons I used one of my Fire Alarm templates. Since it is full of my most common blocks and xrefs. This allows me to see if I can operate normally (or better) without any slowdowns to my daily tasks at work. My template is in DWT format and 1=1 scale.The template has 4 layout views that have viewports set to 1/8 scale on print.
I design in 2d only. My job is for permitting process, so no need in 3d design software. So this is a 2d drafting and design test only.




Progecad’s website
Alternative to AutoCAD at a price range of just under $500
I installed the trial version so I can see if ProgeCAD has what I need for the drafting work I do
So far ProgeCAD does everything that autoCAD.

blocks inserted fine
Commands ran as they do in autocad


AutoCAD vs LibreCAD

AutoCAD vs LibreCAD

LibreCaD’s Website
Free Drafting software alternative to AutoCAD
This is a much slower program and seemed to only work (kinda worked) with DXF files.
LibreCAD opened very slow and zero of my commands worked.
No idea why anyone would work with DXF, since DXF files load so poorly it makes you feel like you are in the middle of a memory dump.
LibreCAD wouldn’t load my blocks and would not load the DWT template file.
Lines were very hard to draw between hesitations and jumps in the program.




Would not load a DWG file right away but would see one in folder.
Would not load DXF files and a message popped up saying to run some sort of importer, the first time I tried.
Import function in menu did nothing. Was not able to click that option.
I did however get a DXF file to open. Which opened very slowly.
The scroll function by use of the mouse wheel, worked smooth and fast. not hesitation whatsoever.
Weird thing is room labels and doors did not show up in the DXF file I used, though they are all there in other AutoCAD alternatives.
Could not copy symbols from autoCAD and paste them into FreeCAD.
No sign of layout tabs.

Another Cad alternative that is on a “buy” only service.
I am currently using the trial version for testing and I have to say this one seems to run well and quite strong,
All commands and functions work.
If I want to insert a dynamic block, it inserts and the all of the options work as I designed them to.
NanoCAD looks like it has the best price range. From what I see the price starts at less than $200 and I see no higher prices so. NanoCAD seems to be the winner here.
Works with DWG and DWT template files. Good enough for me to like.
NanoCAD website.

Did not open dwg,dwt or dxf files
Sketchup is not able to be tested for my needs.

Fact is, for what I need, the free versions of AutoCAD alternatives just were not worth the download nor the install.

If I had to select one and someone else was buying, I would get the Progecad. The price is just a fraction of AutoCAD and every function I normally need is right there in ProgeCAD.
but if I was buying it for myself, I would pick nanoCAD. Everything just works flawlessly and the price is currently half the price of ProgeCAD.

Windows 10 Upgrade – How it Went

(Give a like and share with a friend who needs this info please, I don’t have $100000 pr team, it’s just me here)
First I had a friend send me a link to Microsoft’s site where they explain how to install.
So no.. I never got the notification that the update/upgrade said
Here’s the link to the Windows 10 download. Be sure to read everything and make sure you have every piece of requested and required information and meet all requirements before moving on.
I have the end user license agreement available in pdf form.
I followed the instructions on that page, got my serial key ready and plugged in a dvd and a usb (belt and suspenders) and downloaded the media creation tool for my system, and just installed and hit the “next” button maybe three times. If that.

after about 35 minutes of downloading and 20 minutes of finalizing

For your Nvidia video cards, let windows update your drivers, it may take a few minutes but just let windows handle it.

Cool thing is I have been running dual monitors for a little while, so when the computer booted up, I had not one but two start menus and it is not a cloned desktop. Desktop icons right where I left them before the upgrade.
I did my run through of tests.
Adobe CS3

Nothing had a hang up.
Next will be a few more tests (to be added later) and then I will try and uninstall/roll back my operating system back to Windows 7.

The Cons:
windows 10 okay, nothing spectacular other than dual start menus when you have two monitors. after that…. bleh..
Taskbar looks a bit like the fake taskbars we’d put on windows 3.1
Redmond ? Whirling dervish? or Caldera skin? what was it called?
Start menu is a bit lacking. and please let’s not change the word “program” to “App” even if you are trying to force us to buy cloud space for the “apps” that we already paid for, for our 2 tb store bought personal hard drives.

Microsoft Internet Explorer seems to still be there.
and windows 10 still calls for it

Now this could just be because I am on an upgrade instead of a full install of windows 10. Uncertain as of yet. Wait for a few more updates.

Finally found Control Panel type stuff
Just right click the start menu and you will see many of the control panel functions.

Settings for EDGE

Edge Settings

Edge Settings

Mostly the same as Firefox, top right of teh browser. You can also change the color of your browser there.


Why was windows 10 free?

How I Re-enabled Flash on FireFox


In a previous post you see I explain why killing Flash is bad. So this post is to show how I enabled my Flash  on firefox (which Is a bit of a task because I have to careful and accountable for my actions, so I do not recommend you try this)
I got sick of accepting flash on every single website I went to. Flas is in website ads used by Google and other Advertisers, so the notice came up on every single website I traveled to. This is an annoyance. Well I solved taht issue, and this is how.
I opened Mozilla FireFox and typed this in the address bar
Then I pressed enter.
Then in the search box I typed

When the list of items with “blocklist” in their title populated, I look for
I right click that line  and change it’s status from “True” to “False” (this was a temporary fix. Read the update below)
Then go to my list of plugins and check their status and see if all of my plug ins are up to date. Then update all plug ins.

I am currently looking for a way to change the items in the blocklist so that I can exclude Flash.

From that same blocklist (search results posted above), you will see there are 2 blocklist URLs. The longer of the two is the one that I downloaded and saved to my documents folder.

Now say “C:\Users\TRUXTER\Documents\%DAYS_SINCE_LAST_PING%.xml”

I told firefox to check there for the blocklist. Next, I edited the XML file in notepad++ and stripped out all valid Flash descriptions and left the known virus ones that aren’t really flash Or what looked like Firefox is blocking a real phishing site.

Changed blocklist status back to enabled/true.
Rebooted Firefox and and began surfing the internet and flash is working fine again.


Double checked my plugins and everything is fine again

Only issue is I have no idea if this will go back to normal when Firefox quits this stupid game and puts things back to normal.

I would upload this and let you all download the edited one but I don’t want any liability for anything you do, so I am not advising you try this at all. Just telling you what I did. It wasn’t a whole lot of work, just about 3 minutes of hitting “find next” and deleting lines out. From opening bracket to closing brackets.

Why Forced Flash Shutdown Is Bad

Web browsers have taken upon themselves to block the flash on websites with a warning that the website is unsafe. Instead of just putting the notice over the area the flash is in, they put a notification at the top of the page.

Adobe tries to help with a “how to enable flash” walk through but Firefox no longer allows this
The act of closing flash from websites, though the intention of preventing “Viruses” is a great idea, bit it is a false claim to say that flash is the most vulnerable software used on websites.
sure the websites that you get a virus from are most likely using flash. This does not in any sense say that you are getting the virus from flash. If anything you are getting the virus from a tricked up java script.
Some of the simplest viruses can be written in visual basic. And they are likely the utmost common virus injected through the web today.

and yes your HTML5 puffy site is using a VB file at some point.

If you are seeing a GIF as your saving grace from flash. Then you are sadly mistaken. You are just guzzling down unnecessary bandwidth.

This is just a simple push to bring everyone to design HTML5 websites. This stripping the flash use function of the web browsers to make the websites “Responsive” and move everyone to HTML5, is sort of like extortion.
HTML5 and responsive sites, though they look cooler on your cell phone, are less website, less informative. And simply a dumbed down puffy website. You can’t even zoom most html5 websites to see the details.

Simply put, a responsive website is a website dumbed down to work with a cell phone. This is software reducing it’s self to allow the hardware to keep up. This is how you plateau in hardware acceleration. When the software exceeds the ability of the hardware, the hardware must evolve. When the hardware and the software agree to stabilize, no one evolves. If they would have done this years ago we’d still be looking at black screens with yellow/green text. And we’d be happy with that because we couldn’t imagine it getting any better.

Besides, there are far too many websites out there that I have to keep accepting the flash to load because of this 3 ring web browser shun, and it is getting annoying. They could end up upsetting ADOBE and causing a huge court issue of this.

Simply put: it would be like Mcdonalds Taco bell and pizza hutt stopping using card board because it smells less cool. Now we all have to carry our food in wet paper bags because a few kids think it’s the bee’s knees and the next evolution.

Complacency is not evolution.

Let the users chose what they want to see.

How I fixed my Firefox to work with flash again