Verizon or Netflix throttling video streaming

So a guy decided to use a proxy (which he says is a vpn… but okay) to connect to Netflix to see if he can get his videos to stream faster.

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The Truth about What You Share on Facebook – but wait till you see what happens next


Only the internet should determine what is distasteful and disrespectful. So now that power is in your hands. Wait till you see what’s inside.

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Woman calls her ex 77000 times in a week


This is fake. She would be calling every 7.7 seconds with zero time for sleep in a week, then in the same time texting him every 12 seconds

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How to handle Those Sunglasses Tag Spammers on Facebook


If you were unsure, I will help you.Those sunglasses posts. They are spam and they are not legit.

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How to Import Thunderbird Contacts into Outlook


This “How to” I will be using outlook 2010.
Some details in this import do not need to be said. Most of this you can handle with just looking at the pictures and seeing what is highlighted in the images to help you identify the links and buttons I am talking about.

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Comcast Hotspot plan

Comcast wants you to allow people you don’t know, to connect to your internet because it’s a cool plan. Read more…..

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Crazy Woman smashes her own face on laptop in video


Lady smashes face on computer and you want to now if it is real.

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Fan made GTA V pc video

People want Grand theft auto five to come to pc.

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Curved Screen Televisions

Let’s be rational about these Curved Screen Televisions.
We just changed the fricken aspect ratio.

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How Comcast is Giving you less asking for more and killing your rights


As many have suspected, Comcast is in the spotlight and exposing their corruption by wanting to charge websites for bringing us to their websites. Yes you read that right. You pay an isp to allow you on the internet, now the largest company on the internet is about to force website owners to pay a fee for letting them have visitors.

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