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The eBay shipping deception

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Fake Shipping addresses on Ebay.

The eBay shipping deception

Posted in : ebay, scam on by : TruXter

So, you go to EBAY and select to search only items within your country. Be it so you can find items that will get there sooner, or because you feel safer.
This is your choice.
This is what you selected and this is what you should find.
But there is a secret that people outside of your country know about that you might not know about.
there are companies that are built to give people from outside of your country, a mailing address to set up their ebay accounts with.
In the USA there are a few. Most common are in Compton California,Florida and New York. I will not post the names of these companies because I don’t want to pass this on to other people who want to know how this is done.

What I do want to make clear is that EBAY needs to filter this better.

Why does this bother me?
Here’s an example:
I just bought a phone from my phone carrier. Most expensive phone i ever bought. I researched everything I could on this phone. I looked up a good case for my new phone on Ebay. So i made my purchase through my phone carrier’s website, then I made my purchase on Ebay from a company stating that it is in the USA.
Shipping states that it will take 5 days for the case to get here.
6 days go by, and I have been delicately carrying my phone around. I look online to check the tracking and the information is cleared saying that it will now take three weeks for my phone case to get here. Why? because it takes forever for things to get mailed from the Philippians to the USA.
So here I am ordering yet another phone from some on that everyone seems to stating the shipping was super fast . Hoping I get a case on my phone before the week’s end.

If I wanted a case that takes forever to get here I would have paid for one of the $3 versions of the exact same case. but no. I paid $16 for it to come from the same country as the rest. Only disguised under some weird p.o. box garbage with a lay over.

Just a heads up about the deceptive mailing addresses of some of ebay’s users.
This type of  scam on ebay makes the website utterly untrustworthy and useless.

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