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Windows 10 vs upgrade to 10

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Windows 10 vs upgrade to 10

Posted in : review on by : TruXter

I like many people jumped on the windows 10 upgrade from windows 7,8, and 8.1.
One month before the free upgrade to windows 10 ended, I drove to the store and bought myself parts and built me a new computer.
Since I had an extra windows 7 disk laying around that hadn’t been used or registered, I felt I should go ahead and save myself the money of buying an operating system since I already have one.
One month after the windows 10 free upgrade period ended, I ordered me a brand new windows 10 pro 64 bit disk.

Now comes the cool comparison.

I will be comparing windows 10 pro 64 bit full fresh install (not an upgrade) against my windows 10 pro 64 bit upgrade from windows 7.
For the sake of sanity I will just call  one computer the “upgrade” and the other the “full install”.

Upgrade to windows 10 computer
The upgrade came with a  clunky new browser that sort of looked like explorer, only dark blue. Found that explorer had been hidden in the programs folder with no shortcut. So I had to make a shortcut. Took forever to realize you can just click the start menu to get to control panel. Other than those discomforts, the computer was just as fast as it was before the upgrade. In some ways the upgrade computer ran faster and smoother. Until I started messing with new programs. Like the store or the new browser (edge). I installed my default browser, Opera. and wow that moves so much faster. For a little while. After a short while all browsers on the upgrade to windows 10 computer stopped playing videos. All videos just suddenly shut closed after about 10 seconds.
Everything just loads really fast on the upgrade computer


Full install of Windows 10 computer
On the full install computer, Edge runs faster but that’s it. Everything is sluggish and slow loading and running. It feels as if this computer is woking extra hard. Even edge after a while seems to get mucky and slow. Sometimes even locking up entirely.

On both versions of ten, My media players seems to cut out after a few seconds of watching video. Typically on facebook and some news website. Never on Youtube.

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