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Did Houston Police Throw Away Donation

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Did Houston Police Throw Away Donation

Posted in : facebook, news, rumor on by : TruXter

There is an image being shared by a lady on Facebook. It shows a garbage truck and a couple police cruisers under an overpass in Houston.
The image description says that the police showed up to a spot where someone was giving out food and “other gifts” with a garbage truck to throw away these items.
Here’s the exact quoted text (minus the hash-tags)

I was just informed that a group of people came to pass out free food and other gifts to the homeless in downtown Houston. Not only were the police called, but they brought a large waste management truck and are forcing the homeless to throw away their food, pillows and other items.

What this suggest is that the police have a guy in the garbage industry that can man up and fuel up a garbage truck quickly and without hesitation, and get to that location before the items scatter into different directions. As if there is a garbageman police sting set up at every intersection just waiting to pounce. Or, if the garbage truck and police cruisers are following this person around the city taking things from everyone they donate to.

I don’t know about every single spot in Houston, but most overpasses have a maximum of about 4 people under them and, when they see police, they just kind of scatter. Because, if they don’t, the police will break them up. If there is an overpass that has so many homeless and hungry people under it that it would require a garbage truck to show up, then the police have a huge issue and someone has been slacking.

Nowhere in the picture do you see any homeless people.

Nowhere in the image do you see a vehicle large enough to carry the amount of food that would require a garbage truck to be able to dispose of  it.

The police would not take the items. They would fine the donor; unless, the food was in such poor quality it had to be destroyed.

Where are the videos? Where are the photos of this? There is just this one and it looks like it is coming from someone driving past the location and later making up a story.
Where is the union complaining about the Houston Police forcing people to work after hours? Waste management unions will not put up with such things.

So, is this picture and story for real?
There are too many logical holes in this story. It has nothing to support it other than this one picture that shows less than the story says.

False until proven otherwise

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