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360 Degree Camera For Iphone 4S

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360 Degree Camera For Iphone 4S

Posted in : camera, cell phone on by : TruXter

With your Mouse and pointer, hit play, for the video to start. Once the video loads and begins to stream and you hear Chris start talking, click down with in the video and move your mouse left or right in the viewable area of the video and watch what happens.

Chris Pirillo from Chris.Pirillo.com has helped fund a great ap and a gadget add on for your Iphone 4s, to record full 360 degree panoramic view. Allows you to record in 360 degrees of the position the Iphone is in. The app is called “GoPano
What can you don with a camera like this? unsuspected surveillance of the old couple behind you while you look like you are recording two birds in a meadow. Security of your house while you take off to some other state.
Or just a zillion and one hacks that can be done to this to bring the GoPano into more uses.