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Autodesk Autocad help

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Autodesk Autocad help

Posted in : computer, drawing on by : TruXter

Working for a company that requires me to use autodesk all the time I some times run into stuff I do not yet know. So i have done tons of searches for helpful stuff to make my Job/career of work on a computer, a little more stable and simple. So i have collected a bunch of links, I should share with you.

Heck if anything this will surely be aback up of my cad autodesk help links.

Autodesk faq 

The book


more addons

aid pdf is good for converting pdfs to cad. Gotta buy a key after like 30 uses or 60 days or something though.. Works better than most pdf-dxf converters… but make sure to clean the pdf before converting it.