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Battery Calculations and Voltage Drops LSP

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Battery Calculations and Voltage Drops LSP

Posted in : design on by : TruXter

So far I have found a great Voltage drop LSP file for when I do fire alarm drawings in Cad.
I can not find the Battery Calculations yet.
Of course each fire alarm parts company offers some sort of tool. but not one person has pressed out a fire alarm battery calculations LSP file. and well that kind of frustrates the heck out of me.
I have tried a few times to build one but failed. Plus I work so much I really haven’t the time to build an LSP that does actual calculations.
Would be nice to just type “bc” and hit enter and have that thing open just the voltage drop program does.
So if anyone knows of a battery calculation lsp file for autocad
Please respond to this thread.

I would be quite thankful.
Houston fire alarm guy