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Posted in : entertainment, review on by : Tips Of Tech

Watch computer stuff on your tv
Really we already can.
Could for some time now.
But ok.

Boxee Beta from boxee on Vimeo.

I saw the Boxee box on Mashable and it looks pretty cool. It’s functionality I don’t get it though. I understand it uses your WIFI to access the internet. Then what? it’s not a web browser. So you have to actually locate the stuff first from your computer (watch it) and then store it locally on your computer and then walk over to the couch and changeĀ  tv source and finally watch this video from the comfort of your couch.

In the preview video they mention a few places you can watch videos from. They mention “Digg” . Really? you want to risk that? unless they mean revision 3 with Diggnation. That would make plenty more sense. To bad Diggnation is calling it quits.

Probably the coolest device I have yet seen for watching pc media on TV was a USB connection on a DVD player. This made a lot of things a ton easier.

I do understand that Boxee will read feeds. i also know that stuff happens on websites and Feeds get rerouted or changed, or just fouled up. Heck the TWIT feed has changed at least 6 times in it’s 5 years.

Maybe it’s just not for me. I bet you plenty that it’s too technical for the common public and will have sensible errors (meaning not boxee’s fault) and those who bought one will write and post about how crappy it is. This of course will prevent the rest of the world from getting one.

Sling box.

Nuff said.