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Clues To Grand Theft Auto Five gta v

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Clues To Grand Theft Auto Five gta v

Posted in : game, gaming, video game on by : TruXter

Clues To Grand Theft Auto Five gta v Release date not determined but Official Announcement has happened.
Official announcement was in a tweet. Will this mean there will be something similar in GTA V? or will they just connect twitter into the come? Or nothing like that at all ? Most game messages are short anyhow.
Let’s see what we can see in the clues we have been given about Grand Theft Auto FIVE (miss named GTAV)
We see that the logo represents a Five dollar bill from 1907 era.

[Some of the clues I have found are better read if you click the images. They each Lead a hint of what I think is going to happen.Though I don’t want this to be about me. So if you have a clue, or an idea or a rumor, or a top secret bit of news, post below. There are lots of people seeing this, so help out!.]
We have an explanation of the speculation
GTA Forums
The article is called Genesis. We know the Genesis as being the beginning.
The First Grand theft auto ? done in the same fashion as past GTA games. Jumping Timelines

Here is the profile for the guy leaving all of the GTA clues over the years. Some of it is very long stories that had clues to what was going to be found in GTAIV and could lead to clues to what is in GTAIV. So read it carefully and wisely. Rockstar games has been using that name on the GTAforums site for years. YEARS! but click in scroll down in his profile and click on “Find all posts by this member” It’s just below his name. I would link it. I did link it actually, but GTAFORUMS doesn’t seem to allow that. So you have to do two whole clicks by yourself.

Now the money part of the logo, being similar to an early 1900’s five dollar bill could just be Rockstar looking for a cool logo, or it could mean the city is money based, or started in in the 1900s.VEGAS AKA Las Venturas here is the reference on the Vegas website as of the timeline of Las Vegas.
One person on the GTA Forums noted that the V looked like an upside down Spade from a deck of cards.
This does not mean the game could be in the early 1900s. but the city the game is going to be in, could have had some big change in the early 1900s. Or something, maybe the city to first use the $5 bill? There is a clue in there somewhere. Always. That’s Rockstar’s thing. Clues. Part of the fun of Grand Theft Auto :-)

Miami aka Vice City has growth in the early 1900s. here is the wiki for Miami

During the early 1920s, the authorities of Miami allowed gambling and were very lax in regulating Prohibition, so thousands of people migrated from the northern United States to the Miami region.

We do know for a fact that the name of the game is Grand Theft Auto FIVE V. Not GTA V. The v has some other meaning. Abbreviation of some sort.
Will there be a PC version this time? Will Rockstar games exclude Microsoft games for windows from Grand Theft Auto five, if they release a pc version? Will the game be primarily Steam this time?
Hopefully they finally get it right and release the pc version of GTA V simultaneously with the console releases.

Have you any speculations rumors or clues or knowledge of gta v ? post below, always open.

*** update*** 10.26.1011  3 pm

Email I just received from Rockstar

RockstarGamesRockstar Games

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***update 10.27.2011 1p
Gamer site Kotaku says Los Angeles
and talks of Voice overs being many Famous Actors.

If you have a GTA CLan, try the GTA Clans Forum.

The people at GTAFORUMS have posted a locked message saying what they believe are the facts.
I would believe they are closer to the facts if it wasn’t for the obvious denial because they bought a roman numeral link and the name of the game is the word five spelled out fully. and the link they send for the Take Two interview, is about some Woman and not Take two related at all. Not very informative other than what they state as known fact is plain and easy to see at all time.. Except why they insist on calling it GTA V.
***update oct.30.11***
Who is Anaheim Angels? where are they located? and the Oakland A’s ? There is suspicion that the V with the ribbon in it represents a letter A, upside down.

What platform do you see GTA FIVE coming to?

A supposed Leaked Ped or Character image From GTAV, I would have loved to discuss this a bit more with the person who posted it to chase down details of validity to the image.
There is a hint of Tommy vercetti to that guy. and a simplistic model that says they are fine tuning an engine that had to much work. Look at the necklace in existence in the model. This means it is drawn as part of the body instead of swinging all around and having function. To some that is a bad thing, but to me means the game engine has less weight on it and doesn’t bother with the useless details.

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And here is a place to speculate and discuss the platform that you might see gta v on .

According to this GTA London was the 5th game.

Some say GTA V will be download only G4TV

San Andreas it is

2 thoughts on Clues To Grand Theft Auto Five gta v

  • No Name 2011/10/27

    Dude, they always have famous actor voice overs. All your speculations are weak and hold no water.

    I highly doubt the game will take place in the early 1900’s. I mean come on, the game is Grand Theft Auto – not Grand Theft Horse and Buggy. Automobile was 1910-ish. If anything – V could imply Vegas or Vice City. Vice City is due for an upgrade. Liberty City (NYC) was GTA3 and then again in GTA4. Vice City would be a strong possibility. However, I would imagine they would try something new. London doesn’t fit – as GTA London was not a hot title. Vegas would be every gamers fantasy, and Rockstar has a reputation of giving people what they want before they want it.

  • TruXter 2011/10/27

    Their not My speculations. I gathered the most talked about theories on the gta forums website and patch posted them here.
    My guess is in the pictures. When you click the pictures, you see what I think is going to happen.
    Like Vice city looks quite likely. Heck if you look at the pictures at all you will see this.

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