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Comparing AMD to INtel

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Comparing AMD to INtel

Posted in : Tech News on by : TruXter

If intel tells you the processor is 4000 megahertz then that is exactly what it is, if they sell that processor to you with that rating at $400 then you know what you bought at the price you paid. If amd sells you anything similar at the same price it is a 4000+ at 400 dollars. This amd 4000+ is actually a 2500 with the ability to act like a 4000 mhtz processor. Somehow amd has been able to sell you this belief as if you are saving money because you are buying an overclocked processor. That never has made any sense to me. They over clock a low speed processor and sell it at the same price as a legit 4000 mhtz processor? How is this saving you money? If the processor was a 8000+ from a 4000 mhz processor being overclocked sold at the same price as a 4000 MHz Intel, then you clearly would have a good deal.

The die hard AMD fans have always seemed to have big grey X’s over their eyes and they look like they are in daze when I try to explain how they are being scammed with the combination of two words, “overclocked” and “deal”. We can all overclock.
There is no need in paying for an overclocked lesser processor at the same price as a high rated processor that you can overclock for yourself.
Amd is clearly the loser in my eyes and intel is the pure winner in this case.
Now comes the hopes”
Amd has recently purchased Ati. Ati makes video card chips and accessories. Through current research and many studies we have seen that video card processors have more power than cpus (central processing units). There is hope that amd/ATI are working on a very strong excessively impressive processor for a cpu that can do what a normal processor can do,tenfold. This would mean the processor and motherboard might be standard, meaning the processor can not be upgraded because it is affixed to the motherboard and will not be capable of being removed. This might actually be an issue, unless they sell these motherboards at a nice low price. This could also lead to duel processors on a board that actually work well together and have upgradeable drivers that could lead to nice clean usage of all aspects of the processor.but for now that is just hopes.

Clearly as of now untill anything new is announced, Intel is clearly the successor.

2 thoughts on Comparing AMD to INtel

  • daldal 2009/02/19

    where this guy get his information from? he is so full of it that it is also clouding is brain and blinding wisdom. I wonder how much he is being paid.

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