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Comparing Social Networks

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Comparing Social Networks

Posted in : networking, review on by : Tech Review Man

We have to look at the word Social first

“It always refers to the interaction of organisms with other organisms and to their collective co-existence, irrespective of whether they are aware of it or not, and irrespective of whether the interaction is voluntary or involuntary.”

I’m not so sure about the word “irrespective” sounds a bit redneck to me.  That’s what I hate about Wikipedia Anyone can edit it, even redneck Jim.

Well to start. In that sense Wikipedia is a type of social network. but let’s leave educational means of communication, out of the ring 0f  social networking, for this case, And let’s leave out youtube and Revver. They do have nice social methods (telling people their video is crummy) let’s not go into all of that. along with that, let’s not use dig either, their methods of filtering the spam has eliminated most comfortable social connection.

So let’s nail out the big Social Networks.

Myspace . This has been known as the trailer park of the internet. Why? well because of the 1997 appeal. The place is full of the mouse tracers and sparkly profiles like Geocities had. Everyone adds every person they see on there, as their friend. At one time it was like a huge challenge to get as many people as you could get added, added to your friends. Then you spend the next three months, weeding out all of the spammers and the real freaky people. It WAS an ok place to go and just read profiles. The profiles used to be like little ” I need a friend” Resumes. Now they are nothing but favorite band lists at the most. Really, why in the heck would someone list 200 bands. The ideal list would be at the most 10-15 bands. Not every dang band you ever listened to and didn’t want to smash your head with a hammer.

Then came the use of Myspace apps. Myspace apps are games that are connected with your myspace profile. They all;ow you and your friends  to join in and play against others and their friends. Great concept. For thos e who chose to not play the games on myspace, there was the bulletin board. In the bulletin board you could  write a short story and share  it with your friends and let them comment on it or re-post it. There was also the use of the “blog system” so you can write a long  story and show your friends or even share it with everyone of myspace. Some days you can get up to 2000 reads of a blog on there. I know I have many times.

Myspace also has the  “mood” section, where you can show the world your mood and give a quick explanation of your mood.

The bulletins have been taken over by the friends who have myspace applications. Some of the applications set to default the users to post to the bulletin and they do give the option to post to the bulletin, but most people don’t take time to read that junk and they just see the rods “post click yes” so they do. now the bullitens are flooded with “billy bob just  walked three feet”. Stuff n0 one cares about.

It is a clunky piece of junk that has not had a major overhaul, since…. well ever. but it is an ok place to find a whole lot of people.

Facebook Face book is a lot like myspace, even though the platform it is built on is different. The people join there and add as many people as they can. There is even an application to allow people to see people who know people they know, this gives them a chance to locate someone long gone. this also leads to 1000 people going” wait, who are you?? how do I know you?”
I for years called Facebook the antisocial network.

Well Facebook is just like the bulletin section of Myspace, but you really have no other means of group socialism. It is hard to just meet random people on Facebook because of the way the place is built. They ar working on that, but at the same time they are messing up bad by integrating many features that myspacce has.

Facebook now has Apps also, just like Myspace.  If you have one friend who plays the apps on Facebook, then you have a million and one invites in your inbox, 200 app gifts on your main page, and the bulletin is flooded in updates in the  user’s progress in what ever game they find the most fun.

“Facebook is really sucky, with all the ap invites and gifts and games and crap taking up the only means of ‘social interchange’ this place is worse than myspace, except the custom profiles.”

Yahoo Chat “hi look at my profile and lets trade pics” spam bot link farm, full of  regulars who do not like new people. all of the regulars  have programs to kick other users out of the room, especially if the user is prettier, wittier or cooler than them. The regulars do not kick out the spam bots. This is the epitome of  what everyone ever perceived a chatroom to be. It is not what chatrooms really were.

Twitter Is like the Mood and status updates of myspace. Difference is, the place is a farm of spam, get rich quick and stick it to the man. i have lost a bit of interest in this place also. It seems Twitter has taking another route since it became mainstream. It is not quite what it looked like it would be. Yes it is a great place for all of  your followers to get a notice at one time about what you are doing or about to do or about to be or just left. Yes that makes it awesome. Especially if you are like a musician and no one knows when your show is going to happen. Musicians miss that point. Some think it would be cheesy so they refuse to connect at all..  and that makes them crappy and not heart effort musicians. If it aint from the heart, it aint  music.

I truly miss MSN chatrooms. That was really Social Networking. you used to be able to join a chatroom and exchange wit and banter with with up to 50 people per room. The rooms were separated by many categories. Most were separated by location , like city, and state. The city chats were always full to max of 50 people. The overflow rooms were always full of up to 50 people. The chat rolled at such a fast pace, your mind stayed well exercised. I feel as if I am getting slower by the day because there just is nothing that fast paced left to do. I can’t leave one post and wait 6 days for someone to reply to it. It’s just way to slow.
MSN says they dropped the program because it was not that big of a money maker. They have to be kidding. They had rotating banners in every single chat. With 50 people in each room, and there being over 200 main rooms, they had some serious revenue flowing in. I think they tried so hard to be like Google to beat Google, they missed on what was really working for them. I swear just a little bit of innovation for their chatrooms, and they could have potentially kept myspace and Facebook from ever coming out of the ground. Heck those places didn’t rise well and established, until the chatters had nowhere else to go. Facebook was around for at least three years that MSN still had chatrooms. Now look at the place.