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Designers You sicken me

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Designers You sicken me

Posted in : design on by : TruXter

I am not talking about interior decorators who call themselves designers when all they do is coordinate color and move chairs around. I am not talking about the clowns who conceptualize stuff and grab an under-paid lackey to “make it happen”. I am talking about the over paid lackeys. The ones with autodesk or autocad and designing buildings for large corporations spitting out a building with perfect dimensions. Your drawings sir look wonderful. Your drawings breath the ever existence of symmetry while coordinating flow of traffic yet still staying well with in codes. but.
It’s the stupid stuff you do to your cad files. Why must you all use some strange blocks and layers with in the blocks. I understand the use of layers, but it only makes sense to use the layers if you do not put walls and furniture on the same layer while putting the doors and plants in the same block. You guys sicken me with your redundant over use of blocks. Okay… we get it. You can make a block. Any idiot that can right click can make a block.
And you no good for nothing designers who like to pull your practical jokes by going into paper space zooming way the heck out, finding some spot far from the display area and dropping a tiny dot …… You sir need to be kicked in the face.
and you Cad file creators who like to put xref within an xref within a dwg, but you only send out your dwg file in emails as if you are supplying the world with your greatness. You know that you are an idiot that likes to use xref files. everyone knows you are an idiot that likes to use xref files. Will you please for everything sane, if you send out that dwg,COPY EVERYTHING THAT YOU SEND, AND YES CREATE THE FOLDER THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN BECAUSE WE HAVE TO REBUILD YOUR USELESS LAZY CRAP WHEN WE GET IT.
And you idiotic people who hire them and say that you are happy the other guy is so thorough for going the extra distance in design, STFU, just STFU. Do not speak to someone who can work the damn program and have some authoritative mentality with your bulldog wanna be face, you have no idea what you are talking about. You need to be tripped and stomped for the level of disrespect you just displayed. You sir are an idiot, just give me my money like a good little monkey as I ignore you hoping you make another designer laugh at your arrogant ignorance.
Please. Quit milking the design with your redundancies. Unless you just do not want to share your cad files with others.
Fire sprinkler designers. You clowns have so far over complicated your designs to increase your purpose in the fire safety design business, it takes another add-on software to complete what you need, you can barely work that program and you can do nothing with out it. Stop making it look like it’s more than it is. Crap runs down hill, you get paid on Fridays. That simple.

Look designers. You just have to come out and say it ” I can do it, you can not, that’s why you pay me”. and raise your fee, no sense in this big dramatic show. You kind of bother other designers with this stuff.