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Do Klout Scores and Facebook likes really represent a Company’s Worth?

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Do Klout Scores and Facebook likes really represent a Company’s Worth?

Posted in : New Media, social network on by : TruXter

Do Klout Scores and Facebook likes really represent you Company’s Worth?
These days, to be anyone, you have to have a bunch of likes on Facebook. This brings your “Likability” up. See the moguls and giants and the interns (that sell the giants on new ideas so they can get a job) have a connection issue between them. The interns have these ideas to use everything new they can think of so they can sell their foot in the door of where they are wanting to work. So they tell the higher ups “It’s time to move in a new direction” or “No you are thinking like the old way” as if you have been in a coma since “the old way”.

There are Exploits to Facebook that no one even cares to realize are there, except those who use them, to use you to get ahead and never once look back to help you.

New Media Flaw

See.. Likes are likes. No matter how real or true they may be. a like is a like. Such as the tool that shares the rumor of Starbucks not supporting troops. This is a guy that uses a program called “Klout“. Klout gives you a score for every share and like you get on Facebook. as long as the guy sharing that rumor doesn’t let anyone comment on that image, he will get lots of shares and likes. The moment the shares stop, the moment his Klout score stops getting better. Klout doesn’t care about how real your likes are, just that you got them.
Such as here Rumor that Bill Gates is Giving $5000 to people who share is picture.

Klout scores and Facebook likes are a scam for marketing. Something that old media has had a curb on for decades.
Truth is, don’t go buying some company because their Klout score is high. because seriously, you have no idea how they got that score. Sure they got it with likes on Facebook. but what the heck are people liking on that company’s page? Are the likes related to the products? If someone is selling you a company based on Klout scores and Facebook likes, make sure they show every liked item and total of likes. For all you know it could be something gory or totally unrelated to their product. If it’s a cookie company but they have more likes related to something political… then their product is no good. No one likes it.

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