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Fire Alarm Template To Make Design Easy

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Fire Alarm Template To Make Design Easy

Posted in : autocad, design, fire alarm on by : TruXter

If you want to just skip ahead to the pricing
fire alarm template pricing
For a few years now I have been working on a fire alarm template. Actually a couple templates. I recently added a fire sprinkler template and an access control template.
In the templates I have tons of tools that I have created. They make my job much easier. I am continuously adding more features to the templates. The end goal is some day to own my own fire alarm company and be able to hire people who are in need of a job, yet have no skills. I can then hand them a computer with autodesk/autocad on it and turn the person into a fire alarm designer and I won’t have to worry about much to teach them and the jobs go as flawlessly as I can make them go.

Here’s the first version of this template from 2009

and here is the fire alarm template version from 2013

and here is the fire alarm template version from 2015 (Videos showing function) <– NEW
Also please notice I added a fire sprinkler template and an access control template with symbols.

Features of the fire alarm template
If you look click this image of a section of the fire alarm title block, everything that says “select one” has a drop down menu to select through the options I regularly have. Such as AHJ, Sales Person, Job type (new construct,add to existing) and so on.


I have also created Attributes for the site title and the address.

If you look at the fire alarm legend your will see I have parts numbers listed along with part count for relocated devices, existing devices and new devices. Also I made sure to show the little menu so that you can see when you click of the parts numbers of say …. for a Fire alarm Horn/Strobe you will see the little globe pop up next to the pointer telling you that you can click on it and get taken to the manufacturer’s website to download the cutsheets for the device. This cutting out the time it normally takes you to look up the devices on the web and find the cut sheets for each fire alarm device. Every place you see the word “select” there is a menu of items I regularly use pertaining to that mart of the legend. No sense in typing that stuff with every fire alarm I design.
fire alarm legend
Cool feature I added in Autocad/autodesk for fire alarm design

The goal is to be able to click the legend and a menu will come up asking you what vendor or parts distributor like genesis,system sensor, or firelite etc. you select one and the legend changes to the correct parts numbers. Then click the numbers on the left (parts count) and a drop down comes up of 0-1000. So if you have 43 pull stations , you go to the 00 to the left of the pull station in the legend and click once for the menu, then scroll to the number 43 and you now have your count as accurate as you need. Also the devices are on separate layers, this way if I want to not show my smoke detectors in the drawing, I just turn that layer off. It removes the smoke detectors from the drawing and the legend, and the theory of operation and the parts count. Kind of cool.

Now, there is a function that uses excel that I have been working on and “Table” command that is in progress. The goal to so that when you select your notification devices such as strobes or horn/strobes your counts change for your battery calculations. Yes you still have to manually do a few things to make this work so right now, that isn’t much worth mentioning unless someone has a better option they would like to share with me

I currently have three custom fire alarm templates that I use regularly and in their current state, It is BLISS. So much stuff you have to memorize about fire alarm design is a non issue while using these templates. Depending on task, location, manufacture and a few other issues, I will decide which template I need most for the job.

Many of the blocks and data links and attributes I have added to the fire alarm templates, are to remove human error, some are for my own security. Such as print time, creation date designer “Field” entries. Say if someone comes to me and asks me questions, I can see what date the drawing was printed and who’s computer printed the drawings. This is for my security and prevents people from tampering with my designs, and getting away with it. Yes I have worked in a pretty cut-throat office with people who tampered with my designs. These are great features.

Another helpful feature is the option to insert devices anywhere in a drawing with just a simple insert command. Then just hit the enter button as many times as you need to drop the same device. Example:
I typically start my design with initiating devices. Pull stations first so I just simply type “insert” or “i” and hit enter. Then a window pops up asking what I want to insert I type in “pull” and hit enter. and boop, a pull station as at the end of my pointer. Now I just find a place that the pull station needs to go and click that spot.. There it is… pull station. I notice a few more spots, so I just hit the enter button (repeats last command) little window pops up again, this time “pull” is already in there, so I just hit enter again. From here out with the pull stations I repeat this ; enter-enter-click, enter-enter-click, enter-enter-click, enter-enter-click. By doing that I have just placed 4 more pullstations in the time it usually takes someone to place 1 pull station.
Like this:

The Template can be found for sale right now at my other site under fire alarm templates and blocks

14 thoughts on Fire Alarm Template To Make Design Easy

  • andrew 2015/03/05

    Hi I bump into this fire alarm design template and it seems interesting. Please reply in my email I need to ask more info.

  • Dustin 2015/03/12


    Could you send me info on this? I’d like to to know about pricing etc..

  • Dan Roberts 2016/05/30

    Not a CAD guy but I review fire alarm drawings. Would this work with Autodesk Design Review or DWG Trueview? I’m particularly interested in the tools that deal with smoke detector placement and notification device placement.

  • TruXter 2016/05/31

    Depends on the file format of either of those programs.
    I’ve never heard of anyone submitting drawings in any other form than pdf. Or paper.

    The tools I am selling work best in Autocad. They have been proven to work in a few other design software similar to autocad.
    I cannot recommend using them with anything other than autocad, because the other software may have it’s limitations.

  • JASON NGUYEN 2017/10/22

    Any issues with the fire alarm template working on autocad 2017?

  • Jason 2017/10/24

    Does battery calc come with fire alarm template?

  • TruXter 2017/10/24

    For all of the full templates yes.

    Every now and again I will post stripped down versions when people request. with basic set up. When those are on the site, those most definitely do not come with the battery calculations or voltage drops.

    Many of the features in this article have changed and upgraded in a three year period. So they will not look exactly like this but similar enough to be nearly the exact same, but with functions that are better, smoother, more accurate.
    Sometimes the upgrades are simply an easier method of building the same function or with a smaller file.

  • DAVID WINCHESTER 2017/11/16


    I see on your pricing page a shipping charge. Is the file downloadable via a link when purchased, shipped to us on media or via an email link? I am interested in the complete package, $600.00. Also when you have a pull station on the insert for example if it has a letter, or letters, in the symbol does the orientation of the drawing changed when rotating? Does it snap to the wall when close or do you have to manually place it then somehow rotate the letters in the box? Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.

  • TruXter 2017/11/16

    Great question.

    With a pull station, there really is no reason to rotate it. but with a wall mounted hornstrobe, there is an orientation obstacle.
    I do have hornstrobes that you can rotate. but really I found those to be too time consuming. call insert, rotate until just right….. etc
    The solutions is a I have lots of hornstrobes that face different direction and have lots of candela.
    and the commands are similar with each one, just there is an R if the input command if the hornstrobe will be on the wall to the right.
    Plus when you have the rotate function, bcount no longer works. with bcount you can count all of your blocks, Same with data extraction to tables.

    A version is made available for download and another is mailed

  • Brandon 2018/02/20

    Does this template build a riser diagram and number all the devices for you?

  • TruXter 2018/02/20

    It does not.
    This is something that we have not put into works. Currently we have no plans to do this.

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