Gerber baby food and glass post on Facebook

There is a post on Facebook claiming that Gerber baby food has glass in t.

The message reads:

Parents, Nestle is asking for everyone to
FOOD   expiring 2012 because they may
contain glass. Please copy and paste for
all babies safety. Batch code
7613033089 73, even if you’re not a
parent please copy you could save a
baby’s life,, Thanks



The post on Facebook stating that Gerber baby food has glass in it, is a hoax

As Noted

See this kind of stuff is cruel to post. This is crying wolf for something that can happen later and we can become less tempted to jump on the issue and solve it because the chance it is fake.

The thought that a child who can not tell what is wrong, is sitting there with a lacerated throat as you shovel more nummy banana flavored glassy baby food down it’s throat to help quiet the child, makes more people hurry and paste that image and re-share this gruesome post.

People who post this need to be publicly humiliated.
The Gerber Nestle baby food with broken glass in it is 100% false