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Gimp Vs Adobe PhotoShop poll

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Gimp Vs Adobe PhotoShop poll

Posted in : gimp, graphics, image, photoshop, software on by : TruXter

This is to collect data and show in a later post about image editing software.
This is between Gimp GNU Image Manipulation Program and Adobe Photoshop
I have both installed on my computer at work. And I use both Gimp and Photoshop.
but I use one way more than the other. There is a debate between myself and the head IT guy
about which one has better tools, which one is more reliable and which one has better resolution images.
I say it’s all about the user.

This is not a comparison. This is a Poll to see what gets used more.
Not what you think is better between photoshop vs gimp
but what you use more. Photoshop or Gimp.
[poll id=”6″]

This one is is again not about what is better.
This gimp vs photoshop poll is about which one has more tools
addons that you get online and tools that are bundled with the image editing tool all count.
[poll id=”7″]

This one is about Quality
Which one produces better looking images
Gimp or photoshop
[poll id=”8″]

Finally, which one is more reliable
Which one crashes the least, hangs up the least and starts the fastest between Gimp and Photoshop
[poll id=”9″]