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Google Wont Scroll

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Google Wont Scroll

Posted in : internet on by : TruXter

Both at home on my windows 7 machine and at work on my windows xp machine. I try and use google and I can not scroll down the page . (fireFox 3.5.8 at work).

Google Scroll bar not showing on Fire Fox

I don’t seem to have this issue when I use Chrome Browser.
Didn’t Microsoft get in trouble for doing this? Making it so that only their stuff works on their stuff? but odd enough, Apple can do it. and now Google can do it? I mean make a page that most people use, and make it so that it exploits a flaw in FireFox? by “utilizing one of the better features of Chrome” ?
Or did google forget to include Firefox in their latest page code?

My fix for this issue is to just do a second search for a totally different object and then re-search the original object and the problem is fixed.

One thought on "Google Wont Scroll"

  • TruXter 2010/10/19

    That is freaking frustrating.

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