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GTA V Audio Analysis

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GTA V Audio Analysis

Posted in : video card, video game on by : Computer Tweaker

Working on Analysis of the Audio track of GTAV

Here is the Audio Track
Used 7Zip to compress. Should open fine with Winrar

For those of you on the GTA Forums website and all of the others
who are just wanting to know what sounds they can hear in the gta v
trailer and see what they can detect as locations or hidden gems
in the next coming grand theft auto. I stripped the audio best I
could with what little software I have.

at 8 seconds in, I hear a dog bark in the left channel.

at about 22 seconds you hear seagulls in all channels. at about 23 seconds on the right channel, you hear what sounds like an injured dog. almost a yalp, but more like a whimper. This could mean there is more than one audio recording of a dog included in GTA V. Meaning that a dog could play some sort of role in GTAV. What this role might be, I can not imagine.
If anyone can filter the audio for this track a bit better and break off the next bit of 18 seconds audio, please leave a link here and on the gtaforums site for everyone else to find, so they too can listen and see what they can find hidden for the game in the sound bit. I will gladly download and serve up as an alternative server.

One thing for sure, this video game, will not harm, kill or hurt near as many animals as PETA kills in a month. In fact, I can say that this game it’s self will not harm a single animal.
GTAV Screen Shot Analysis.
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    thanks dude

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