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How To Fix Thunderbird Reply at Bottom

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How To Fix Thunderbird Reply at Bottom

Posted in : email on by : TruXter

If you use Thunderbird as your primary email client and when you hit “reply” and your message is now below the quoted message from the original message and you really want to fix¬† this. I promise you it is right in front of your face.

I always forget how to fix the reply for Thunderbird. I work in an office with 30+ computers that use Thunderbird and I always have to fix this when we hire a new employee or get a new computer. So the whole reply at bottom be default for Thunderbird makes me nuts. Here is the fix for you.
In Thunderbird:

  1. Go to “Account Settings”
  2. Select “Composition & Addressing”for the account in question
  3. Check the checkbox in the Composition group that says “Automatically quote the original message when replying”.
  4. Once the combo box below is enabled select the option “Start my reply above the quote”

This will solve your response or reply issue with Thunderbird. I have no idea why they default the reply below the quote.
Mozilla needs to set the default so the reply is at the top of the quote in your reponse emails.

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