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I upgraded pc for gtaiv

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I upgraded pc for gtaiv

Posted in : Tech News on by : TruXter

I yanked out the old single core  mother board and processor

with Amd754 64bit 3400 mb cpu

and the nvidia 7600 gs 512 mb ram

and two gig pc 3200 ddr  ram

this computer was maxed out, the processor size was the max, the ram was the two gig max and the video card, well they don’t put out much for an agp  slot, for less than about 300 bucks, and still make it worth having.

to install

Athlon  5600+ dual 64bit am2 (2900mghz)

2 gigs pc 6400 ddr2 corsair mem

EVGA nvidia 9500 gt with 512 ddr2

Crazy thing is, the memory will not max out till it gets seated with 16 gigs.  Untill they sell  8 gig mem cards for cheap, and microslop allows you to install that much ( I believe 64 vista allows a large number , unsure what that is.) I will be fine with two gigs.

I of course had an issue installing xp. I kept seeing a lock up while trying to install Vista. So I tried the un-thinkable. I installed Xp 64 bit. Crazy, it fired right up and installed everything smoothly. I whent to all manufacture’s websites and bam…. the drivers  ready and available.

I decided to go onthe regular benchmarking I do.

I started with gtaiii . The game that always lags when ou go through the underpasses, when branches pass over the car, or china town where the banners flap as you pass through. not one hitch,hiccup,fsb burp.

Windows xp 64, the operating system that was such a problem to everyone, now is the best I have ever seen. I can not believe what is going on,.

Next I jumped on vice city, walked out of the safe house jumped in a banshee and headed with teh shoreline to my right. I made it to the malibu club and about a block later… wait … wtf.. what did I see?.. I turned around.. right in front of the parking lot behind the club is a sign. !!! a sign!!! I get out of the banshee to read the sign and it says “no standing, no parking,m2” a bunch of other stuff and something that looked like the back of a bus.

Why have I never seen this before?… Well while I was standing there.  people started walking up .. and they just stood there. Like they where waiting for a bus..  ok.. so the new card, ddr2  and the 64 bit combo just turned something on I have never seen before..   WHAT ?

So I drive around and test my typical lag areas. all was smooth.

I am about to jump into vice city and see what goes on there.

I like my machine now.