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Is Adwords Dying?

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Is Adwords Dying?

Posted in : review on by : TruXter

Is Adwords Dying?

Rumor is that Adwords is losing it’s power. and the number of users are diminishing. Also another rumor is that the Adwords team knows this.
To me, this completely nuts. unless it’s just the current Economy. If so, then it’s kind of to late for that to be the cause. If for some reason, another company is offering their advertisement spots at a lower cost, cool. but the ads will not be seen by nearly as many people as they would be seen on Adwords. Google Adsense is the way that Adwords get seen on other websites. more sites are signed to Adsense, than any other 4 affiliate companies, together.
Maybe this is true. Maybe Google has been nipping and skimping here and there over the years on Adwords just as they had done with Adsense over the years. I do not know this. I don’t use Adwords, because I have nothing to sell. but I do use Adsense, and I have seen a huge decrease in payout. Maybe less people are using Adwords because of changes. I do not know.

But I do know what would help Google, or another Affiliate company out there that wants to try it.

A mix of adsense for search and adsense affiliate ads. with selective phrases. What this means is if google would let you have a user code like your typical affiliate code, (ok here’s a fake code for examples) like “x-011-0-11truxter” and say someone asked em to help them locate a specific item and item such as  duck food. So to help that person I would type “http://www.google.com/x-011-0-11truxter/duck+food+feed+mallard”. When a person clicks that link, the user would be directed to a search result page that shows food and feed for ducks and mallards. I then would be helping that user locate their item, I would in turn be helping Google send their ads out to users, and I would be helping the person who is in the most attractive link the user decides to click, and the best part, I would be paid by Google for my efforts. since  normally I would just search Google and send the user a link.. if i knew that much about ducks =-\ .

but as of now, there a bunch of sites stating that Google is not making  any money from Adwords.