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Is Ebay Gone Yet ?

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Is Ebay Gone Yet ?

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Did you ever get a PayPal account ? Buy much of anything on Ebay ? Got charged for doing the express pay and the guy collecting at the other end got charged to receive the  payment, Meanwhile the person selling the item had to pay for holding the auction. In one year, It was 04 or 05 when I last cared to hold an auction on eBay, but in that one year I got 3 notices of price raises and a free three days to hold an auction. See the issue is, they make plenty of money buy us paying for the auction, and the  7 percent (if it’s still that low, I doubt it) to sell out items using their bandwidth) to make plenty of money buy just maintaining the servers, but no, they keep trying to come up with ways to collect more money  from what they already offer.

What two months ago Ebay blamed social networks on their downfall. Really?  a social site?? The only way a social site can cause an issue with a a company is the freedom of speech. What I mean by that is, telling everyone how you got done wrong. Well dang the ability to speak your mind. Others blame it on a weakening economy. Yes it’s the fact that we do not want to give up our physical possessions that we earned and once put our hands on in trade for 7% or more fees to sell on a network full of people who have mastered the system of gaming that site.

If it was not for the over price auction and every fee they can tax to the system, it would be because the 50/50 chance of getting hit by a scammer. you auction off your item and some guy wins at a nice hefty price you ship the item, eBay contacts you and says “wait payment is not complete and has been reversed due to A STOLEN ACCOUNT” …. ehh crap. Meanwhile the scammer sends out hundreds of emails from fake email accounts like  emailer1.ebay@yahoo.com   and the emails look like legit eBay emails saying ” Item paid for you must ship item now” . Go to your PayPal account and see the money was reversed and you never received, then you get fake PayPal emails Confirming the item was paid for.

How the person won the auction was to bid $40000000 over the actual value of the item assuring no one will win but him/her. Basically killed your chance to get money for what you earned, then  to complete the screwing, tries to steal the item from you.

If you get scammed and fall for anything from an eBay scammer you are at a 80% chance of eBay saying ” there is nothing we can do about this at this time but we are looking into it” .. Great.

See for a place that actually has very little to offer, no 100% assurance, they sure do keep raising their prices a whole lot.

Oh for a heads up.

Never ever buy a car remote from eBay.   You get the remote, you set your car to match it, he just mailed it to you so he has your home address and the matching remote.. 20 bucks and a car for  $45 worth of gas.. Nice.