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Is Nvidia Doing the ATI Thing?

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Is Nvidia Doing the ATI Thing?

Posted in : performance, preformance on by : Computer Tweaker

ATI decided a while back not to make that many low end video cards that have SLI. This of course takes away the chance of you buying two low end cards . One while you can, and later one when you can afford it again. I can see the plus in it for the video card makers.  Less newbies screaming about crappy manufacturing.  but also less newbies becoming pro by problem solving and wanting to upgrade and get more  performance.

I kind of notice this after the 9800 cards. Look at compusa and fry’s and look at teh PCI-E cards you will see that the low end cards 2xx all of the low end budget cards no longer have SLI connections on top.

I am disappointing in this. I guess I can start using ATI again, my motherboard is just about obsolete anyway.

I mean if NVidia is going to be like them, then why not just use them.