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Penny Arcade and Ocean Marketing

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Penny Arcade and Ocean Marketing

Posted in : internet, review on by : Tech Review Man

Just read the email exchange between a person  named Dave who called the manufacturer (Ocean Marketing ) of some ps3 game controllers. It looks like these are some pretty tough words being exchanged. Near the lower section of the emails, there is a bit of a switch up. It looks as if a second person came in from Ocean Marketing and tried to fix the issue. but then again, It kind of doesn’t. I don’t think Mike from Penny Arcade Caught that. You be the judge.


Penny Arcade Verses Ocean Marketing


But still the person representing Ocean Marketing, if he/she really wrote what we see in these emails, this person really needs to learn how to handle business. because this could very well be a child he is arguing with. No one representing a company’s customer service should ever act this way.

I have been watching the Ocean Marketing topic trending on Reddit and Alexa. Today I finally took the time to read up on it.
Wow. I missed out.


Nice post Gabe


I did find what is shows as a screenshot of the manufacturer’s message saying that they have since broken off connection with Ocean Marketing and their vendor. I have no idea how valid that image is.

ocean marketing Update

ocean marketing Update

The image is located on Reddit