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Problem with Ebay

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Problem with Ebay

Posted in : internet on by : TruXter

I sold my G1 phone on eBay because I need the cash right now. At start I saw the prices they offered for the listing. I selected to start the auction at $90 with $9 shipping. Only one person bid on the phone. So the phone went at $90 and $9 shipping. The money went to my paypal account. Instantly PayPal (owned by eBay) charged me $5 for the transaction. Two days go by and eBay charged me $8 on top of the $1 they originally stated. So now I am down $13 of the $99 received for the sell and the shipping. Now i have to pay $9 for the shipping.
Of the $99 I’m now down $22.
This makes my take on the sell of my cell phone $77. Along with the wait in line at the post office on my lunch break. Because well. I didn’t want to make the buyer wait 1 or 2 extra days while the post office gets around to picking up the package from my house and i didn’t want to shell out more money for the shipping labels provided by eBay. Because really. I just sold one item.
$22 dollars to make less than $100 and the advertisement ran for three days. Heck it took 5 days for the money to transfer from PayPal to my bank account, but just seconds to to transfer from my bank account to eBay to pay off the fees for the listing.

Considering the last time I ran an ad on eBay I got hassled by a scammer who kept sending me payment confirmation emails but no payment was ever transferred.. Really for eBay to be so unsafe, they sure do charge quite a bit of money for you to sell one item and use a max of about 200kb of storage and maybe the same in bandwidth.


So now I plug my own website. My alternative to eBay.

On My Front Lawn is my Garage sale site where I now sell everything i want to sell.