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Processor benchmark scores up to date

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Processor benchmark scores up to date

Posted in : amd, benchmark, central processing unit, computer, cpu, i7, intel, overclock, processor, score, Tech News on by : TruXter

looks like passmark just updated today .
Steak and Bj day of all days.
Seems they are married people. lol
That’s the Assgot Ring Effect
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but here is the scores from their site.

High End Cpu scores

Mid Range Cpu Scores

Low End Cpu Scores

Common Processors

Now For the one we really wanted to see.
Over Clocked Processors

Looks to me as of today 3/14/09 Amd Is the best “right out of the box” central Processing Units
but when you overclock, Intel i7 stomps.. Very good job guys, thanks for the scores.