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Project from hell

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Project from hell

Posted in : alarm, blue print, work on by : TruXter

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well after the project has been changed and modified and rejected like 20 times since October, They give it to the new guy.. yeah that’s right.. Gave it to me.cad1.JPG

Well I finished the blue prints for this build out. Of course I asked for help and yes I needed it but it is finished, now we wait and see if it gets rejected yet again, and if the owners have changed the plan on us yet again while we where not looking.


Ok I will be a little more descriptive.. sorry..

I got a new job after a long job search while in a job I really wanted out of. it was in no way a career and never was going to do anything for me or my future. no insurance or bonuses (rlp shell of the woodlands texas) (leeches). It was just to be a temp job  but night shift and met  a few women next thing you know it’s 8 years later in a go no where job. then one day someone came to me  with a job offer, his boss was looking for someone who spent lots of time on the computer and well :)  they found me.  so here I am on third week , between learning what I can with resources available and meantime building site for owner of company. Then BAM they drop the dreaded ugly blue print on me.

Well I made due and it’s complete … the pics are the proof.