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Spider Bite Video Scam on Facebook

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Spider Bite Video Scam on Facebook

Posted in : facebook, Tech News on by : TruXter

Spider Bite Scam Video in Facebook

Spider Bite Scam Video in Facebook

Latest link on Facebook that steals your account and respams the same picture and link.The picture says a few things but the most part is about a woman who got bit by a spider and it lives under her skin and that the spider is a mean spider, I have also seen, mean spider bite. when you try to do an advanced report of the link, you will get this message “You don’t have sufficient permissions to do that.” or at least I do. Maybe because I report every single link I see that is a scam, and it’s pestering the staff at Facebook. Or at least one dude and killed my ability.. I have no idea.
The video is not real. There is no video in that link. If you click anything in that link, it gets much worse than what you see here. You will be talking about a virus for sure. So go scan for a virus at the link I post below labeled for virus scan.
Here are two read ups on how to handle the Facebook hack and here is another a bit deeper on the Facebook virus issue. Sorry, I am just too lazy to write it twice.
Do not click the picture on Facebook that looks like it’s a video of a woman who is bit by a spider and has something sticking out of her stomach. If you did, please change your password now. If the password for your Facebook is the same password on the email account you signed up to Facebook, change that one also.

If you have been hit by the viral spider video scam on Facebook, or someone you know has. Report the post, then delete the post if you can. and then share this page. It will help inform anyone else who gets hit by this viral attack.
If you want to add anything, please feel free to do so below in the message box.

3 thoughts on Spider Bite Video Scam on Facebook

  • TruXter 2011/07/24

    Looks like Facebook blocked my site again for informing people of the risks they face with Facebook. How crooked and irresponsible is that? that’s crooked and careless. Instead of informing everyone of the dangers, they block sites that inform them of the dangers.
    Think I am joking? Hit the share button and then go to your Facebook page and click the link you just shared.
    Respond below with what you get as a result.
    2000 hits yesterday straight from Facebook and 50 hits from Google. Today 300 hits from Google, zero hits from Facebook.

  • stuck 2011/07/24

    how do i get my account back?

  • TruXter 2011/07/25

    click on ‘forgot password’ Facebook should send you your password to the email account you signed up with.

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