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Steam Box here or Vaporware?

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Steam Box here or Vaporware?

Posted in : game news, Tech News on by : TruXter

Is the steam box something real that we can look forward to? or is the Steam box just vaporware?

Steambox IMHO is not a rational gaming choice for PC gamers. Great for Console gamers. but all of the consoles already have this option.

As a pc gamer, we should be asking “What is the gain of having a machine that built specifically for downloaded games” and then wonder what are the limitations.
Like upgrade capability, Exclusive (proprietary) parts. Like look at apple’s website for the cost of a stick of ram. Ram that is identical to the ram in a windows computer. Will this steam box be the same?

PC gamers, a “pc console” is not a pc.

Story is that Valve has their own machine coming out and it runs on linux. and they are in deals with steam. This in it’s self is a great promising future for pc gaming. So long as I can build my own linux computer and use steam games.