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T-mobile and Me

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T-mobile and Me

Posted in : cell phone, cellphone, phone, review on by : Tech Review Man

After three and a half years with T-Mobile. I am done, again. Yeah I was with T-Mobile a few years back. I left them for sprint. That in it’s self was a nightmare. I later moved to Cricket who really had good service, but the phones looked like garbage and had nearly no features. After a few years I left Cricket and went back to T-mobile. I guess it was long enough that I forgot what I hated so much about T-mobile. T-mobile had a really nice looking phone they were offering for free with a $39 a month contract. That was a great a deal, considering I was sick of the cheap plastic barely functioning phone I had.
As soon as my new Motorola Rizr showed up in the mail, Google released the G1. I had just signed a two year contract and couldn’t change to the G1. Two years later I finally got my G1.
I was happy with all of the features the phone had, The cool aps that let me log into facebook from anywhere, the myspace ap the twitter ap and all of the little games. All of the additional software you add to the Google G1, neat stuff. but now I was paying 92.40 a month. That’s $100 a month for 300 minutes, unlimited internet, unlimited text. My cricket account I had everything unlimited for $59 a month, but a crappy phone.
I got fed up with the T-Mobile bills so I logged into their website and changed my settings. I ditched the G1 and changed to a blackberry I had in a drawer. Knocked everything down to reflect $59 a month. This was on the 18th of august. My bill was due on the 21st. The next day I got text message from T-Mobile showing my bill will reflect the changes starting on the 19th of August. Here it is, today is the 1st of September, my bill shows I will be paying $91 on my next bill. This of course is before tax. So, something is wrong with my account.
Today I make a call to T-mobile by just pressing 611 on my Blackberry. I go through the whole automated voice thing. I get a second voice that comes on and says all of the representatives are busy and they could call me back in 8 minutes if I opt in. So I did. 8 or 9 minutes later I get a call. There was tons of noise. I could hear dishes, lots of laughter. It sounded like either a bar or a very popular crowded restaurant. i was not sure the guy could hear me at all. There is no telling what was going on up there. Probably someone’s birthday. I am not in anyway mad about celebrating at the office. I am cool with that. just bothered by the fact I didn’t get my issue resolved. The guy really sounded like he did not want to take that call. but he was nice. Just not very involved. The guy tells me that it’s just me paying for last month. No I paid for last month and the text message confirmed this. I told him I was considering changing to another plan they have and he brought to my attention that I would not get the phone deals. I laughed and told him they sold me a G1 that was two years old for $100 off of the $400 price they showed on their website while at the same time the same phone was all over the internet for sell for $150 and less. He plaid “oh your cheap, cheap people aren’t cool” bit with me by saying ” Oh yeah if you go to ebay you can get all sorts of used stuff for almost free”. I popped off with ” Well compusa-tiger direct, and fry’s have ebay accounts and well they were not selling used phones” Before he could go off on what ever he was about to get into, I asked if it would just be cheaper if I dropped my T-mobile account all together. He offered some other plan that would have lowered my bill by like $2. I had to end that call. It was getting goofy, so I said “I have to shop around for a new phone and carrier I will be calling later to pay off the contract”. That phone call had to end.
I have to call back tomorrow. I will keep calling back each day until I get this resolved. if they refuse then at the end of this billing period, I will drop their service. I would do pretty well if I drop off the grid again. i have been getting alot of wrong numbers lately and it has been getting worse. So it would be nice to get a whole new number. Seems some moron out there knows nothing but dyslexic people, or he is himself.

so let’s see what T-mobile does. I think it has run it’s course.

Oh, here s picture of my billing.

T-Mobile, unexplainable bill

I added a post on T-mobile’s website

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  • TruXter 2010/10/19

    The price never dropped.

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