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Things to think about – AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile

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Things to think about – AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile

Posted in : cell, communication, phone on by : TruXter

Well we all know by now that AT&T Bought T-Mobile .

Me being a T-mobile user,I have a few questions for the AT&T users.

Do AT&T users expect their internet speeds to increase now that they have T-Mobile hardware providing their services ?

Do AT&T users expect AT&T to scrap all of T-Mobile’s existing Cell phone tech, like towers, phones and such ?

Do any of the AT&T users look forward to any of the T-Mobile phones making it their way?


I know that if AT&T keeps T-Mobile towers and equipment (since both companies use similar technology) , then I am looking at a pretty strong signal in my area. I know that I have 3 bars when my signal is really really bad. and that is very rare. That would lead to a decent signal in the areas that I sometimes have only three bars. Of course that’s if AT&T is strong in that area.

See this is good compared to the purchase of Primeco back in the late nineties in Houston area. I think they still exist elsewhere. AT&T being GSM and Primeco being CDMA, meant we all had to hand in our phones for scrapping. Primeco ran a big sale so I signed a contract with them and spent $139 on a phone that I got at a discount. The best phone signal I have ever had yet to- date. Back when no one had a signal at Fry’s Electronics store, I had signal. When the power was out for 4 days, and all cell towers were down, no one had a signal but me and the three other people in the area that had Primeco.not AT&T not T-Mobile, Not Sprint, Not Verizon. best thing was, that phone was one of the first cell phones to come out with no antenna. I had that dang phone for 2 months when AT&T sent me a notice saying they would give me a new phone to replace my existing CDMA phone. I was excited that the email said I would receive a fair value phone. I did not. I got the $29 Nokia phone that was the size of my shoe.  The replacement phone would not fit in my pocket. I had to wear a case with belt loop strap on it to carry that dang thing. I had an excellent signal, until I left the drive way of the AT&T store. I extended the big metal antenna. No help. Wrapped it in aluminum foil, no help. I called the store to see what they could, they suggested I move to another company if I didn’t like the signal, then they assured me they had the strongest signal with the most coverage. So I called the help number. Same thing. They actually told me to try another service if I was unhappy. So a few weeks later i called to cancel my number, they told me they just increased the signal in my area nd if I hang on a bit longer the new tower would be complete and my signal would be even stronger. So i waited almost 3 months. Nothing. I actually had to walk out to the end of the street and  extend the antenna out towards downtown Houston to see if I could get a stronger signal while on the complaint line.

After fighting months with AT&T about not having a signal anywhere, I canceled my service and moved on to Voice Stream. Who…… not even a year later got taken over by T-Mobile. Yeah I was mad. but. Voice Stream signal was bad where I was. Well it was ok. It was as bad as AT&T, but the people working there and the help desk was a whole lot more helpful during the switch over. Also the signal got better. and again, I got a new phone. No better than the one I just bought with voice stream, but it was a new phone. Again it was a Nokia.

Now here it is 2011, T-Mobile sold to AT&T. Full freaking circle. I am looking at going back to AT&T again. Because they bought T-mobile.

I am hoping that AT&T does not destroy the existing T-mobile Technology, I hope they implement the towers and the internet service that is currently available with T-Mobile. So that T-mobile users gain AT&T service along with existing service, and AT&T users gain Tmobile Services and signal and internet speed. I can’t imagine all of us using internet service that AT&T provides.

AT&T users, what do you think of the existing service ?

T-Mobile users what do you expect of the impending service?


One thought on "Things to think about – AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile"

  • thepro1818 2011/03/27

    i hope at&t and all the people at douche mobile get syphillis.t-mobile was awesome now just sell-outs.

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