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What about the Facebook Update

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What about the Facebook Update

Posted in : social network on by : TruXter

So. you lived through the Facebook updates, this far. i guess you did what I did. You waited to see if it gets any worse, before you found another social network to go to.
Now it looks like Facebook has paid off their typical bunch, to pretty much rub it in your face that you are a worthless zombie who will drone and trance your way into Facebook as they expect your addictive nature to do.
Well done Facebook. Well done.
So how do you feel about the new Facebook changes? Now that more of your privacy and personal information is compromised, leaving you nearly nothing left to keep your anonymity or personal privacy covered and secret and protected because you just about gave it all away, one bit at a time. The day you signed up, you gave Facebook the password to your email address. Your secret phrase was your mother’s maiden name, and you filled in your profile showing exact date of birth and city. Never once realizing that people have programs that can use less than that information, to get your social security number, but with what you have already given of just that, a 3 year old can guess your social security number. FYI, It’s in sequence, The kid born just before you in the same hospital, is one digit away from you. yep. that simple. Remember, the system back when that system was created.
But if you use an alias on Facebook, you are safe.. but really not everyone is wise enough to be David Johnson everywhere he goes on the web. Oh..and FYI. i use my real name on Facebook and G+ :-)
I just find it funny how Facebook cancels out the fake post about charging and in the same breath tells you how the cool features work now. So…. who really started the rumor?

How do you feel about Facebook’s new changes? Has the change to Facebook effected you yet?